Hedgehogs Need Our Help

How to Help Hedgehogs

Further to my last post. Here’s some advice from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society https://www.britishhedgehogs.org.uk/ . Please help our hedgehogs!

Avoid using pesticides and slug pellets in your garden. Not only can these harm hedgehogs but also damage their food chain. Use organic methods instead.

What a Christmas I’ve had!

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‘Twas the night before Christmas… Well, all right, make a liar of me. It was actually the 16 December. On my way to post my Christmas parcels.
I was on my buggy/mobility scooter. Admittedly, overloaded with parcels.

Looking for that perfect gift for the lady in your life?

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Looking for that perfect gift for the lady in your life?
Mary Rose Tudor was the little sister of King Henry VIII. And even though he’s supposed to have loved her, he still married her off to the old invalid King Louis XII. Find out what she did then…

Paperback Edition-Reluctant Queen: The Story of Henry VIII’s Little Sister

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Paperback Edition-Reluctant Queen: The Story of Henry VIII’s Little Sister   Paperback Edition-Reluctant Queen. This is my Biographical Historical Novel About the Little Sister of Henry VIII. ‘A very readable account of […]

Bookshop Day 5 October

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If Books are your Bag, why not celebrate the fact, and visit a bookshop today?

How to Write a Book Review

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How to write a book review-Authors love reviews – this is not a secret!

But after you’ve closed a book, why should you bother to write one? How do you do it? And who can write a review? What’s considered a ‘good’ review?

Whoa! Let’s take a step back…

Five Star Editorial Reviews on 3 Rafferty Books

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‘Geraldine Evans has done it again. The distinguished, veteran British crime writer has turned out another crackling, entertaining and highly satisfying crime mystery in her Rafferty & Llewellyn, British mystery series, Game of Bones – 18th in the series.’

K-LYTICS – Monitoring Data. So You Don’t Have To

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Has been monitoring the mystery, thriller, suspense, and crime fiction categories on Kindle for five years now.

While many traditional publishers compete for this lucrative book market segment, they see a lot of smaller categories and niche markets available to indie authors.

Here are three exciting facts from looking at the data right now:

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense (MTS) has seen a 5-year upward trend on Kindle

MTS holds on to its position of the second highest-selling Amazon bestseller list.

All—yes, all— of the sub-categories in the main MTS category showed up in the “green zone” of attractive markets on the K-lytics Book Strategy Map. 100% – Wow!

K-LYTICS announce the release of the latest K-lytics Mystery & Thriller genre AUGUST report.

The report also includes Level 4 and Level 5 sub-categories. In total, it examines 137 Amazon Kindle categories.

If you intend to do any kind of book project with elements of mystery, crime, thriller or suspense, this report is for you.

Find out about trends, sales development, book supply, best categories, covers, top authors, publishers, keywords, price points, and more. The seminar comes with two reports and an explanatory video.

With this data, you will have more market insights than most publishers out there.

Animated Covers!

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via Animated Covers!

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