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To Kindle, or not to Kindle?

Are you thinking of buying a Kindle? So am I. I’ve read a lot about them and I want one! I’ve given my husband a few hints about what he can buy me for Christmas and it’s definitely not scarlet underwear. I already buy kindle books for PC and have quite a collection waiting to be read. I’m currently enjoying While the Savage sleeps by Andrew Kaufman.

I’ve also considered buying an iPad, but they’re too expensive for our budget. They look tremendous, but the screen on a kindle is reckoned to be far superior when you only want the gadget to read books, which is my requirement. And then there’s the amazon factor to consider. Amazon is the largest market for ebooks, I understand they even have an App which enables you to download from iPad and other ebook formats, though I’ve yet to find a need to try this. I read widely and I also have a need to buy non-fiction for research and sheer pleasure, so it’s the Amazon’s kindle for me.

Let me know what you think and what your preferences are.


  1. Kimberly Hitchens aka Hitch

    Well–surprise!–I have one of each. The Kindle has decided advantages in lightness and in the screen, for reading; but it's true that not having a backlit screen can be difficult at night.The iPad does have glare issues in direct sunlight, although you can buy a nifty non-glare sheet that you put over the screen (which also conveniently protects it from fingerprints). I love it because I can read in bed at night sans light, which makes the Hubster happy. However, it is SERIOUSLY addictive, and has apps to feed every demon you have, from crossword puzzles to shopping to "to-do" lists (my big bugaboo–lists!). It has innumerable distractions.I would say that Kindle, at the end of the day, has many more books, period. The iPad has many more apps. FYI, you can read Kindle books on the iPad, but not the other way 'round. Kindle is FAR more affordable. So if you only want it for reading–Kindle. Plus books are just *cheaper* on the Kindle.HTH,Hitch

  2. janeyb17

    had to google Kindle so shows how much I know about them, If anything and we could afford it then we'd probably go IPad, but thats because we like our IMac and other Apple things. However if it was for reading then I am still very much a proper book with the proper book smell at heart girl and prefer books to electronic ones…Does that help? lol

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