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I want to say a big, fat, ‘Thank you’ to amazon. Without them and their kindle, I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in today.I also want to thank all the lovely people who buy my ebooks. I hope you enjoy them.
I am at last earning a living income from my writing. And I have kindle – and my readers – to thank for that. My ebook sales have increased, month on month. My income arrives month on month, unlike when I was with traditional publishers, when I’d get paid every ten months for each book. First, say in the January of the year, when I’d receive my advance on signature. I  wouldn’t receive another payment from my publisher until the October of that year (after the payment had gone via my agent). if I’d written another book, I’d  receive another advance.
There are none of these lengthy waitings around with amazon. For each month’s sales you get paid 60 days after the end of the month in which the sales were made. So for July sales, I’ll get paid end September/beginning October. And for July sales, I’ll know by the 15th of the following month what I’ve earned. I keep a tally of daily sales, of course, both for my accounts and my own satisfaction, as it’s good to see the numbers mount up.
As I said in my last post, my start with amazon wasn’t promising. I only made a few sales in my first month or two. But I suppose that was to be expected. Readers, in particular, American readers, to whom I make most of my sales, had to get used to the sight of my book covers. They had to prepare to buy, if you like.
So here’s a big thank you, to amazon and all my ebook purchasers. Between you, you’ve changed my life. That’s a nice thing to be able to say on a wet Thursday in August.


  1. Geraldine Evans

    Helen – thank you. And good luck with your own kindle venture. May we both do even better!

  2. Helen Smith

    I agree – I have also put my backlist on the Kindle and I love Amazon for this opportunity. Good luck with Kith and Kill.

  3. Anonymous

    You have good points there, that's why I always love your blog, it looks like you are an expert in this field. keep up the good work, My friend recommends your blog. My blog: credits en ligne

  4. Geraldine Evans

    Thanks, Anon. And thank you very much for buying my books. I hope to bring out Kith and Kill, my fifteenth Rafferty and Llewellyn this month in both print (pb) and as an ebook. I hope you'll bear with me on the print book as it's my first time of going via Createspace and it might take a few tries before I get it right!

  5. Anonymous

    I have several of your books (in hardcover). Glad Kindle is helping you make a living but I will probably continue to buy the hardcovers. I like the feel of a real book in my hands!!

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