I’ve just published two little guides under the pen name of Gennifer Dooley-Hart:

Having doubts about a new relationship? Let my little palmistry guide help you discover any hidden character traits of your lover. Are  they likely to be mean? Extravagant? Steady or rash? Faithful or promiscuous? Such information is all there to be found in your lover’s hands. Why not check them out with the help of Palmistry Pointers For Lovers?

Are you a writer? Not sure which path to follow? Palmistry Pointers For Writers will help to guide you to your true path as a writer. Are you up to writing an epic? Or should you concentrate on shorter work? Are facts your forte? Maybe non-fiction writing would better suit your talents. Are you cut out to be a writer at all? Or do your talents lie elsewhere? PALMISTRY POINTER SERIES LINKS


AMAZON UK: http://qurl.com/fbpfy

AMAZON US: http://qurl.com/sgwv9


AMAZON UK: http://qurl.com/34w12

AMAZON US: http://qurl.com/92c24

Palmistry Pointers for Lovers No 8 WHITE TITLE Palmistry Pointers for Writers No 8 WHITE TITLE