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Last Chance Saloon! Get Your Super-Bundle of 25 Mystery Novels Here!

This bargain offer ends at the close of today (27 March 2017), so don’t delay.

This offer will vanish, and each of the individual titles will only be available separately.


Bargains don’t last for ever, alas.










Get Your Super-Bundle of 25 Mystery Novels Here!

Amazing Bargain!

Do you want to read 25 novels for $3.99 for the lot? Well, now you can, by such authors as Ava Mallory, Carolyn Mickelson, Elizabeth Crabtree, Cate Dean, Alannah Foley and loads more, including me! Now available from all retailers, even Apple (currently says it’s NOT available on Apple. But try the link, it might just be my cranky conputer).

This Bundle won’t be available for ever, so my advice would be to buy it now, because the individual novels, once they’re out of the bundle, will likely be this price or very near it, each.

Bargains don’t last for ever, alas.









How we are doing on our USA Today Bestseller attempt.

I thought you might be interested in how we’re doing on this ambitious attempt at bestseller-dom.

Just a few minutes ago, I checked Amazon, and we’re at:

On – we’re 490 overall in store. Though I seem to recall somebody said at one stage we were at 150. 

    Kobo Books:

    Apple: Still waiting for it to appear on Apple

    B & N Nook: BN ID: 2940153481937

    Publisher: Ava Mallory
    Publication date: 12/27/2016
    Series: Killer Cozies
    Sold by: Draft2Digital
    Format: NOOK Book
    Sales rank: 2,144

    It’s pretty good! I don’t think we’re going to meet our main target of the USA Today bestseller charts, but that was very ambitious. Still, who knows – it’s available till March 27, so there’s plenty of time yet.

    Thanks to all of you who have spent the 99c / 99p cost of this book, and also thanks to those of you who have reviewed it. You’re worth your weight in gold!


    December 2, 2016 by

    Two Tantalising Teasers 99c / 99p

    Sorry, there was a wee fib in the title. But only a little one.

    There’s actually one teaser and one offer, only I couldn’t resist the alliteration! The teaser is the USA Today Bestseller attempt of #25KillerCozies To Die For, which featured in my last newsletter.




    As I explained in my last newsletter, we’re not doing a pre-order at Amazon. This book will be available on its publication date, 27 December 2016.

    APPLE: Still no link. Come on, Apple, up your game!

    And the offer is one of my Rafferty’s: #9, Blood on the Bones at 99c / 99p.

    One novel against twenty-five? No contest! But I do have my #3 Rafferty, Death Line as one of the book bundle as well..

    Here’s my offering:

    It’s the same price on all the other Amazon sites. so just substitute your own country in your browser.
    Just to show the different titles coming in the #25KillerCozies bundle.

    Interview with Savannah Mae


     SC: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

    I’m Savannah Mae. I’m new to self-publishing, but not new to writing professionally. For the last decade, I’ve been writing articles for multiple publications and for websites. I’ve always toyed with the idea of writing a book but pushed the thought out of my head. Earlier this year, I turned forty and declared that this year of my life would be a year of saying no to fear. I did what I thought was impossible and started writing cozy mysteries.

    SC: Was there a certain time in your life you knew you wanted to write?

    I don’t recall any specific moment when I realized I’d wanted to write. I do, however, remember each and every time I convinced myself otherwise. Intuitively, I think I always believed it would happen someday.

    SC: What are you currently working on?

    I’m working on the second book in my Jinx Cove witches series. The first book is included in this 25-novel bundle.



    KOBO SALES LINK:…/25-mysteries-to-die-for-a-25-…

    We have yet to get the Apple link and the Amazon link will only be available on the publication date, 27 December 2016.

    SC: Of the books you’ve written, which one is your favorite and why?

    My favorite is the only one I’ve completed thus far, Mayhem in Jinx Cove. I’ve probably read it a dozen times or more. I’m proud of what I’ve created and hope readers enjoy it.

    SC: What books have most influenced you as a writer?

    I love mysteries. When I was growing up, the Nancy Drew series and the Hardy Boys series were staples on my bookshelves. I read them over and over again.

    SC: What do you find to be the most challenging part of writing? And the most rewarding?

    The most challenging part for me was working up the courage to let others read it. Handing it off to beta readers and editors was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.

    The most rewarding part is the process. I loved getting out of my daily routine and letting my imagination run wild.

    SC: What book is on your nightstand?

    I’m currently rereading Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone’s Alphabet Series.

    SC: What can we look forward to seeing from you in the future?

    In 2017, I plan on releasing the next two novels in my series.

    SC: Is there anything you’d like to share with your readers?

    I want to thank them for taking the time to get to know me and I hope they’ll love Mayhem in Jinx Cove as much as I do.


    Website/blog –

    (Savannah is a new author, so she doesn’t have an official website yet, and no FB or Twitter as yet.)


    Savannah Mae is the author of the Jinx Cove cozy mystery series. Purveyor of quirky, kooky, charming cozy mysteries and the mayhem that surrounds them.

    Why not check out Savannah, and at the same time get 25 other mystery novels, all for 99c / 99p?

    To Pre-Order:



    KOBO SALES LINK:…/25-mysteries-to-die-for-a-25-…

    APPLE: No link yet.

    AMAZON: No pre-ordering on this one. Will be available on 27 December 2016.

    PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE – #25KillerCozies

    Getting closer to release date! Excited?I’ll say. I don’t know what to do with myself!


    If you haven’t read my previous post. This is 20+ authors attempt to crack the USA Today Best seller charts. I know. Scary, right?

    Authors who have been in this game for a while, are only too used to failure and rejection, so this ambitious attempt is a shot in the arm!

    Our leader and inspiration for this enterprise, is our lovely fellow author, called Ava Mallory. All I can say is Go, Ava, Go!

    It went on pre-order on 8 November, and will be published on 27 December 2016.

    Here are the links to pre-order:


    KOBO SALES LINK:…/25-mysteries-to-die-for-a-25-…

    Still awaiting iBooks Link.

    We’re not doing a pre-order at Amazon. You’ll be able to get it there on the day it’s released – 27 December 2016.

    Wish us luck!


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