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Well, I’ve come to an end to my Blog Tour. It’s been a lot of work, but I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s been exciting checking for new comments each day and I’ve had some lovely ones – people really can be very kind and generous. Anyway, here are the last few dates and hosts on my tour. Check them out!

My ‘Made it’ Moment with host Jenny Milchman

‘Sink or Swim’ Interview with host Stacy Juba

Interview with host Marilyn Meredith.

I want to thank all seventeen of my hosts. They’ve been absolutely amazing! And to think they have guest bloggers all the time. They must be awesome at organisation. I take my hat off to each and every one of you. Thank you ladies and gent. You’re all welcome on my blog at any time.

Oh. I nearly forgot. This is not part of my tour, but something I did separately and that just happens to have coincided with the last day of the tour. Anyway, here’s an interview I did for Sylvia Massara of The Lit Chick Show! This one’s the Real McCoy, with an introduction and everything, so you can ignore the previous interview I put up for this.

Introducing crime writer Sheila Quigley

Geraldine Evans's Books Introducing crime writer Sheila Quigley 2020 September 28My first guest blogger this month is crime author, Sheila Quigley. She needs little introduction. I’m sure many of you will be familiar with the work of this best-selling author. Sheila has been busy this month fulfilling signing engagements for her latest novel, Geraldine Evans's Books Introducing crime writer Sheila Quigley 2020 September 28Thorn In My Side. This novel is a new departure for Sheila and we will learn more about this in her blog. Suffice to say, it’s the start of a new series, with new characters and a new setting (not to mention a new publisher!). Meet DI Mike Yorke, and learn how he met Smiler, and what brings the two of them to Holy Island on the northeast coast of England – and the mysteries and terror they find there. ‘Sometimes brutal, sometimes scary, sometimes funny. Always entertaining! Quigley delivers a storming debut to her brand new series with Thorn In My Side.’ Matt Hilton, author of the Joe Hunter thrillers.

Who would you say is your favourite of all your character creations?

Smiler in the new series. He’s had a heart breaking childhood, and now just when he thinks he’s emerging from the dark, he is plunged right back in.

If you were starting out now is there anything you’d do differently?
Hmm, hindsight, is easy. There are one or two things but in the very begining authors are such trusting innocent creatures. I know that what I am about to do now I could never have done 8 years ago.

What do you think of the ebook phenomenon?
It’s here to stay. Though I don’t think the paper book will ever go away, certainly not in the near future.

You’re a busy lady, with talks and signings – do you try to fit some writing in even on the craziest days?

Yes, if I didn’t I’d go stark raving mad. 
Are there any writers who really inspired you?

Stephen King. 
Do you have any other creative talent apart from writing?

A lot of my author friends are also very good at art. Me, I was blessed, cursed with the ability to draw maps to perfection, even from a very young age, they were so good that a teacher once accused me of tracing, She stood over me while I did it again and was so amazed, she said nothing, just walked away. Guess in a former life I must have been a map maker! 
Do you have a secret hankering to try your hand at a different genre?

Horror, not the vampire or zombie kind though, they’ve now been done to death.

What do you do to celebrate the publication of a new book? I mean just something for you and your family, rather than a public celebration.

Usually a Launch party but been so busy, we’ve not had time. Planning on a big one next year. You’re invited Geraldine. 

Thanks, Sheila. I’ll look forward to it.

Your latest novel is a new departure for you. Can you tell us something about it? And what was it that made you try something new?

A lot of authors have more than one series going. I confess to needing a change. Thorn In My Side. is more of a thriller than the Seahills series, One reviewer said that there are now more murders in Houghton Le Spring than there are in Midsomer, so I thought I’d move the action to Holy Island, though it does have a cop. DI Mike Yorke. Who along with a bunch of rag taggle street people sets out to save the world from the grip of the families who have ruled for ever, and are planning to cull the human race. Working on a new Seahills murder mystery at the moment, Stand By Me. 
There are so many would-be authors out there – if there was one piece of advice you’d give them, what would it be?

Never give up.

Thank you, Sheila. I’m sure your many fans will be interested in reading what you have to say and discovering something about your latest book, Thorn In My Side. To learn more about Sheila and her books, visit her website:


I was interviewed today by Gay Webster, Editor of Just Regional Magazines (North Norfolk, England). Lovely lady, we chatted about Death Dance, my latest book, how I got started, why I chose to write. I told her about my blog and how I’d just made my first video book trailer. She took a number of photos of my books and me and let me say which photos of me I liked (hate it when an interviewer takes your pictures and it turns out not to be one of the better ones that gets published. You know, double chin and all…! The interview should be in the next edition. I look forward to seeing it.

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