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Amazon! Argh!

What is wrong with Amazon? They have become impossible to deal with. Or indeed get any sense out of.



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I have tried to get into my account so many times and failed miserably each time. Spitting feathers? I’ll say!


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I have changed my password. Pointless. I have typed in the additional check letters. Pointless. These things I’ve done repeatedly.

I am a customer who spends countless money on the site every year.

But this could change…

I also have all of my books selling on their site. But seeing that I am finding it impossible to get to my dashboard, and therefore cannot change my prices for a promo, or indeed, do anything else, I see little point in continuing with either.

But, of course, I can’t even remove my books. I feel like a kidnap victim.

Is there ANYONE at Amazon prepared to help? Or are they too busy counting their money?

I really have to wonder-has Amazon got too big for its boots?

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Am I the only one who’s having these problems?


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