Game of Bones

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‘Geraldine Evans has done it again. The distinguished, veteran British crime writer has turned out another crackling, entertaining and highly satisfying crime mystery in her Rafferty & Llewellyn, British mystery series, Game of Bones – 18th in the series.

Once again, we have the delightful team of maverick, intuitive Inspector Rafferty and his stolid, infinitely irritating and endlessly disapproving sergeant sidekick, Llewellyn – bickering and quibbling their way to a conclusion to the case – with Inspector Rafferty spewing steams of exasperation out of his ears. It is funny all the way, in its endearingly charming expose of human foibles, follies and peccadilloes.

Yes, we have a brutal murder of a distinguished university professor, yes, we have another professor suspect, and another equally suspicious character, a sashaying, swishy, fashion-loving young man (tsk, task, Ms. Evans). Yes, we have numerous twists and turns, reversals and red herrings. But running through the narrative is the very funny, subtle competition between maverick inspector Rafferty with his 6th sense and his plodding logician of a sergeant, Llewellyn.

Rafferty starts off with a bang of confidence, convinced he has already nailed the murderer in an airtight case, but his methodical sergeant has other ideas, and slowly we see Rafferty’s convictions dissolved in a puddle of self-doubt. This thread runs all throughout the investigation and I thoroughly enjoyed the company of these two sparring partners, and Rafferty’s discomposure as his sergeant’s thesis seems to be confirmed by the investigation.

And of course, round every corner of the investigation, we meet a whole series of captivating, eccentric characters, some unsavory, some just normal folk, and some bizarre beyond belief.

One of my favorites was the landlord of one of the suspects, Sebastian Carlton, who says to the two officers:

You go through his stuff good. Make sure he no steal from me. He vain boy. Wear crevets. Must be poof. No girlfriends. Never.

That got a bark of a laugh out of me (and a bit of finger wagging at Ms. Evans). Also endearing is Rafferty’s mum who engages in a moment of hen-pecking and brow beating of her officer son.

As we roll along on this rollicking ride (alliteration there), we are accompanied on this journey by a very comforting, reassuring companion–and that is Ms. Evans prose. Written with such beautiful cadences, rhythms and modulations, it is almost a lost world of ‘old fashioned values,’ when the beauties of the English language were de rigeur in any novel, crime or otherwise. Ms. Evans has the inner ear for language missing from so many contemporary crime novelists, with their fiendishly clever plots and utilitarian prose. We hear it in the controlled rhythms and dramatic pacing of her sentences. It is not flowery, literary language. This is not Alan Hollinghurst here. The prose has the hard edge appropriate to a crime novel. But it is there all the same, creating in the background a sense of gentle order and rightness in a confused world, peopled as it is by eccentrics and criminals, capable of nefarious deeds. Her prose style is one of the characters of the book.

And now we come to the ending, the denouement, when all is revealed – the test of any good crime novel. I didn’t see it coming, which, of course, is a good thing – and it happened so fast and so convincingly that it took my breath away. It was one of those “Aha, Eureka” moments we have all had in our lives. For example, we search our bookshelves for a favorite book and can’t seem to find it, no matter how hard we try or how many times we run through the shelves. Then we go out to dinner, have a few martinis and a bottle of wine, come back home and there is the book winking at us on the central shelf, right in front of our nose.

This is what happens to Inspector Rafferty. The clue was there all the time, he just couldn’t see it. But once he does see it, everything makes perfect sense for him and for us the readers as well. This is the technique of a master craftsperson. Because of this brilliantly executed ending, I finished the book with that deep sense of satisfaction that is the primary pleasure of crime writing. Thank you, Ms Evans, you’ve done it again. And we all look forward to Volume 19th of your Rafferty and Llewellyn British mystery series.

A pleasurable five stars.’




Dead Before Morning







The Prairies Book Review


Book review: DEAD BEFORE MORNING (Rafferty and Llewellyn Police Procedural Series #1) by Geraldine Evans

‘A lively and highly engrossing British mystery…

Evans’s first installment in Rafferty and Llewellyn Police Procedural Series see DI Rafferty and Sergeant Llewellyn investigating vicious murder of a young woman at an unlikely place.

Recently promoted Detective Inspector Joe Rafferty and Detective Sergeant Llewellyn are sent out to a local psychiatric institution to investigate brutal murder of an unidentified young woman. The pair’s digging into the lives of hospital staff and other people stirs fears of what secrets might be revealed.

The gusty, resolute Rafferty and the gruff, scholarly Llewellyn’s odd pairing and their comic banter is a treat to read. Illegal drugs, jealous colleagues, and scorned lovers all mix into the intrigue. Short chapters with top-notch prose, and catchy, ironic dialogue keep the action moving.

Evans’s successful maintenance of the spunk and humor throughout the story will earn her a devoted following.’


Geraldine Evans has written an entertaining mystery novel in Dead Before Morning: Rafferty & Llewellyn British Mystery Series.

 The mystery is engaging from the first page to the last, with many twists and turns. The ending is unexpected, although the author skillfully places clues along the way. The two main characters are well-described, and the complexities of their relationship added an intriguing element to the story. The inclusion of Rafferty family members, part of a large Irish Catholic clan, adds another interesting layer to the story; this is contrasted by Llewellyn’s only-child, single lifestyle. Dead Before Morning: Rafferty & Llewellyn British Mystery Series, written by Geraldine Evans, is a fascinating mystery. It is the first of an eighteen-book series; every reader will want to devour the next seventeen books!

Evans’ humor seriously added to my enjoyment of her book. This, her first , as well as the rest in the series, are well written with stand out central characters and clever plots.’ Aunt Agatha’s Bookshop, Ann Arbor US

‘This often comic tale sharpens the appetite for more.’ PUBLISHERS WEEKLY


Down Among the Dead Men




Need a good read? Then read on! The plot keeps you guessing until the end – an enjoyable read.’ MERTON MESSENGER
A name to watch.

Great British Police Procedural. I was quite take with the language and writing in this book, such as, “… swallowing statements whole generally caused investigatory indigestion. He chewed over what Henry had said…” Great phrasing throughout, which shows the thoughtful writing of this book. This type of writing doesn’t occur with a dashed-off story.’ READER REVIEW

I’m hooked! After reading the first two books in this series, I’m a definite fan of Geraldine Evans. Well written, nicely plotted, very entertaining.’ READER REVIEW

‘If you read one, you will seek out the others. The Rafferty & Llewellyn books are great.’ READER REVIEW



Death Line



‘The detectives brilliantly complement and oppose each other. For those who love Sherlock Holmes-style mysteries, you’ll likely adore Evans’ style, humor and method of detection. A wonderful cozy, rainy-night read rich with interesting characters that all appear guilty and innocent. At every turn you’ll think you know who the killer is, but the true identity and motive won’t come until the end. The reveal is not far-fetched or deceptive – it was there all along and it works perfectly.’
CHARLIE COURTLAND OF BITSY BLINGBOOKS bitsybling.blogspot.com/2011/03/death-line-curl-up-with-cozy-mystery
‘I would recommend this book for the suspense aficionado. There is color and fun to the story as well as secrets and darkness. The interplay is good and Evans slowly guides you through the red herrings to unmask the real killer. This is a slow building murder mystery, with just a bit of humor, something for everyone that enjoys a bit of the unusual.’

‘Ms Evans writes with a nice, tongue-in-cheek style and in her policemen has created an attractive pair of sleuths. Recommended.’
‘I love English detectives and the team of Rafferty and Llewellyn is no exception. Evans has created a pair that works well together without one overshadowing the other in any way. I love that. I cannot help but compare Evans to Sir Author Conan Doyle, her style is similar although her wit is not as dry, which is another plus in my book. In my opinion Geraldine Evans will soon be one of those must read authors whose books sell out in minutes.’


The Hanging Tree



‘Great book! A wonderfully entertaining read. All the clues are there, set out honestly and fairly, yet the identity of the killer still comes as a surprise. I got one of those “of course – I should have known!” moments at the denouement. Crime writing at its best.’ Writer James Gracie

‘Terrific series. If you enjoy a thought provoking mystery without gore, I think you’d enjoy this one. It can stand alone however the series is exceptional.’ READER REVIEW

Clever twist in this tail. I would recommend anybody who is into books set in England and enjoys police procedural stories. I find the contrast of the two main characters very entertaining – especially Llewellyn who never smiles.‘ READER REVIEW


Absolute Poison



Well this was a real find. Geraldine Evans knows how to make a character leap off the pages at you.’ LIZZIE HAYES, MYSTERY PEOPLE

An ingeniously constructed plot, deft dialogue, well-drawn characters,and a few humorous touches, make this an enjoyably intriguing read.’ EMILY MELTON, BOOKLIST

Another gem in the Rafferty and Llewellyn series! Geraldine Evans continues to come up with baffling mysteries for the duo to solve as they become a better team and get closer to becoming family with the approach of Llewellyn’s upcoming wedding.’ READER REVIEW



Dying For You


Dying For You (Rafferty & Llewellyn procedurals, #6) - Geraldine Evans

British policeman Joseph Rafferty is single, and his colleagues, his best friend, and his mother are urging him to find a nice woman and settle down. Rafferty eventually decides to enroll with a dating agency. Fearing his occupation will put potential dates off, he convinces his cousin Nigel, a real estate agent, to “lend” Rafferty his identity for his “dating caper.” Posing as Nigel, Rafferty meets not one but two attractive women at the agency’s Singles Night, but when both women are found brutally murdered, and it appears that Nigel/Rafferty was the last person to see them before they died, Rafferty finds himself in a dilemma. Although common sense says he should tell his boss the truth, Rafferty decides to risk his career by attempting to solve the murders before “Nigel’s” real identify is revealed. Proficient writing, an inventive plot, and Evans’ usual well-crafted procedural detail make this sixth entry in the Rafferty series a good choice for readers who can’t get enough of British coppers.’ Emily Melton Booklist
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

‘Evans brings wit and insight to this tale of looking for love in all the wrong places.’ KIRKUS STARRED REVIEW

‘It’s bad enough being suspected of a double murder, worse still when it’s your alter ego being pursued and it’s the pits when you are the policeman in charge of supposedly catching yourself. I thoroughly enjoyed Dying For You, the sixth in the series. A lot of humour is injected in Rafferty’s narrative. He’s got himself in an impossible situation and one wonders what can go wrong next. I savoured this book and I’m keen to read the rest in the series asap.’ EUROCRIME

‘Twists, double twists and triple twists. Two solid hours of pristine reading pleasure.’ NEW MYSTERY READER

‘For the growing number of Rafferty & Llewellyn fans, this latest novel in the series by Geraldine Evans will certainly not disappoint.This is a very enjoyable read with a plot that moves at a good pace, is full of surprises, has lots of humour and a very satisfactory denouement. Highly recommended.’ MYSTERY PEOPLE (Was MYSTERY WOMEN)

‘A fun read for the mystery lover who enjoys tales with a twist. A cleverly plotted tale. Enjoy.’ MURDER AND MAYHEM BOOKCLUB


Bad Blood

Bad Blood, BK 7 360x540 (Website)

#7 in series

‘DI Rafferty faces two big problems. First, his girlfriend, Abra, is pregnant, and his ambivalence about becoming a father has angered her to the point of temporarily breaking off their relationship. The second problem seems easier to handle: elderly Clara Mortimer has been murdered in her retirement flat, and it’s up to Rafferty and his sidekick, Sergeant Llewellyn, to find the killer. There are plenty of suspects: the angry daughter whose rebellion against her mother took the form of numerous illegitimate children; the estranged husband who’s moved into the same block of flats; a would-be suitor whose amorous advances were firmly rejected by the haughty Clara. Rafferty’s usually trustworthy instincts yield no clues, leaving him equally in the dark at the office and on the home front. American fans of British procedurals would be wise to get to know the Rafferty and Llewellyn series. Like its stars, it’s reliable and consistently satisfying. Emily Melton, Booklist
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

‘A spirited mix of detection, family drama and social commentary.’ KIRKUS REVIEWS

‘Another excellent spirited mix of detection and family drama with plenty of suspects to muse over. It’s another page-turner from Geraldine Evans in my opinion the English crime writing queen herself.’


Love Lies Bleeding


‘Raymond Raine heads one of England’s leading fashion houses, which makes his stabbing death all the more shocking to family, friends, and colleagues. More shocking still is his wife Felicity’s confession that she killed him. Enter detectives Joe Rafferty and Dafyd Llewellyn, who set out to determine if the case is as cut-and-dried as it appears. Most people are sympathetic to “poor Felicity,” who they claim was often beaten by Ray and thus had good reason to kill him. But when Felicity retracts her confession, the detectives find themselves looking at who stands to gain from the dispersal of the victim’s considerable assets, protected under a complex trust fund. On the list are Ray’s stepmother, his younger brother, Felicity’s first husband, and even the family gardener. Evans concocts a plausible story with unforeseen plot twists, believable characters, and a satisfying ending. Solid fare for fans of British procedurals. Emily Melton
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

‘This cleverly-plotted tale has plenty of humour. It’s another page-turner from Geraldine Evans and is crime writing at its best. A must for all lovers of the genre.’

‘Rafferty is a very likeable lead character and one you can imagine exists, as he fumbles in his personal life and tries not to jump too far of the evidence in his professional life. Llewellyn is a bit severe but provides the brains to Rafferty’s intuition. They complement each other well and their banter provides a lot of humour as does Rafferty’s thoughts, which he often wisely keeps to himself. A fine traditional mystery, in this series which has now entered its second decade and shows no sign of flagging.’KAREN MEEK, EUROCRIME


Blood on the Bones



‘Clever plotting and polished prose make this a cracking good British police procedural.’ BOOKLIST

As always with a Rafferty/Llewellyn story, Geraldine Evans keeps you guessing and provides a pleasing vein of humour throughout. This is a well-plotted tale with an unusual theme. Clever and unexpected twists make the story a delight and, as always, the ending remains a surprise until the very last page.MYSTERY WOMEN


Crackling Crime Mystery with Depth and Laughs

I found Blood on the Bones a very absorbing read. This is a crime novel with depth and substance, which exchanges cheap thrills for some very meditative ruminations on religious faith and doubt, spiced with a bit of wry humor and some wicked plot twists that made me laugh out loud.

I thoroughly enjoyed the read and appreciated Geraldine Evans’ quiet restraint in avoiding all sensationalism. She has managed to combine some serious reflections on religious themes of doubt and faith and the abuses of a repressive religious system together with a crackling police procedural that is both funny and shocking at the same time. Speaking as a former Trappist monk, I can say that her characterizations of the nuns in this contemplative order are spot on! Philosophical reflections, shocks and laughs all blended smoothly together in one crime novel. That’s quite a feat. I’ve now started the 3rd book in the series, Death Line, about a famous psychic, adviser to the stars, who fails to predict his own grisly murder. The author had me laughing by the second page! Well done!


A Thrust to the Vitals


A Thrust to the Vitals, BK 10 360x540 (Website)

‘A very satisfying read. Five Stars on Amazon
‘I had one very big problem with this book. After receiving it for review, I discovered it is tenth in a series so now, after reading it, I have to go get the first nine. Because I want to know everything about the whole Rafferty clan. The book is just the right balance of police procedural and humor. 

I look forward to going back to the beginning and reading this series from one end to the other.’

‘This is a solid British procedural with strong characters, realistic depiction of police work, and wry humor.’ BOOKLIST (Barbara Bibel)

‘This is a fast-moving, skilfully-written tale, told with lots of humour, plenty of twists and turns and a convincing ending. The author, who has a well-deserved reputation for clever crime fiction that keeps the reader guessing until the end, will certainly not disappoint with her latest novel. I recommend it very highly.’ MYSTERY PEOPLE


Death Dues


Death Dues, BK 11 360x540 (Website)

‘With a healthy dose of British social and cultural observation that adds to a believable setting and plot. Lovely use of descriptive phrases bring to life the ambiance of the area and its residents. Dialogue is precise, but it’s the background descriptions of settings and protagonists that shine. Lively and fun, with absorbing interplay between DI Joe Rafferty and sidekick Sgt Llewellyn. Replete with strong protagonists, infused with British atmosphere, and filled with intrigue and personal concerns alike, Death Dues is a fine detective saga.’

‘Solid, straightforward detection mingled with family mayhem.’

Evans writes clearly andrealistically. The wry humour in the badinage between Rafferty and Llewellyn keeps the story moving.’


All the Lonely People


All the Lonely People, BK 12 360x540 (Website)

‘Solidly written, with strong characters and realistic depictions of police work, Evans’ latest will appeal to procedural fans.’ BOOKLIST

Love all of Geraldine Evan’s books. Rafferty and Llewellyn are enjoyable characters and the plots (although not always plausible) keep me reading until dawn.‘ READER REVIEW


Death Dance


ALT: Death Dance #13 Rafferty & Llewellyn Mystery Series

‘This is a solid British procedural with strong characters, realistic depiction of police work, and wry humor.’ BOOKLIST (Barbara Bibel)

‘This is a fast-moving, skilfully-written tale, told with lots of humour, plenty of twists and turns and a convincing ending. The author, who has a well-deserved reputation for clever crime fiction that keeps the reader guessing until the end, will certainly not disappoint with her latest novel. I recommend it very highly.’ MYSTERY WOMEN

I love these books. The characters are so believable.’ READER REVIEW

These delightful police procedurals by Geraldine Evans are addicting! The great characters and their growth throughout the series keep you coming back for more. This is number thirteen and Rafferty and Llewellyn are still going strong.’ READER REVIEW


Deadly Reunion


ALT: Book Cover Deadly Reunion #14 Rafferty & Llewellyn Mystery Series

‘This was an interesting and entertaining mystery. I highly recommend it to other mystery readers.’ READER REVIEW

Great detective story. It is a joy to see the evolution of these characters from book to book in this always smart and witty series. This is no dry police procedural. It is an always entertaining mystery with complex plots sure to keep you guessing until the end!’ READER REVIEW

This is yet another instalment in the excellent Rafferty and Llewelyn series of British police procedurals.

D.I. Rafferty and sergeant Llewelyn have a murder at a Public School reunion to solve. As usual their boss, Supt.Bradley, wants instant results, at the lowest possible cost to his budget.
Rafferty’s home life is as chaotic as usual, but I won’t spoil the plot by giving any details.

This is a very good detective story, well worth reading. READER REVIEW


Kith and Kill


Kith and Kill, BK 15 360x540 (Website)


‘Wonderful series. Fantastic books. I highly recommend them. They have terrific characters and interesting plots.’ GAIL FARRELLY, AUTHOR

ʻHer writing, along with red herrings, is usually done in such a clever way that when you leave the roller coaster you have had a thrilling ride.’ READER REVIEW

‘Fun read. Read the entire series. Quick and enjoyable. And we all know someone like Rafferty!’ READER REVIEW

A sympathetic but flawed protagonist, minor and major problems, and sparkling writing; what more could a reader ask for? Keep up the good work. You are consistently wonderful.’ READER REVIEW


Asking For It


‘Whar a pair of ‘coppers’. AAA+. Just love these stories, brilliantly sad and funny. Read all the series, waiting for the next instalment. Geraldine you are a brilliant story teller, can see them both in my mind as I read. Keep up the amazing writing.’ READER REVIEW

Always pleases. Always a great read. Love the characters. Very amusing and interesting story line. The ongoing family saga always pleases as do the relationship between the main characters and their partners.‘ READER REVIEW

‘Five stars. Good read.’ READER REVIEW

Another puzzling Rafferty & Llewellyn mystery.‘ READER REVIEW


The Spanish Connection


ALT: Book Cover The Spanish Connection #17 Rafferty

This series gets better and better. You are in for an enjoyable few hours as you read this book. The plot, dramatic tension, characterization, descriptions and police procedure are superb. The book sparkles.’ READER REVIEW

‘Cute story. I really didn’t expect to like this one, bus with all Ms. Evans’ stories, a good, solid read! Love these guys!t I was given a free copy for review, so the least I could do was give it a try. It proved to be a cute, clever story. I’ve since recommended it to a few of my friends who read in this genre, and they appear to be enjoying it so far.’ 🙂 READER REVIEW

‘This novel is up to the usual high standard we expect from Geraldine Evans; good plot, wry humour and excellent characterisation. A very good read.’ READER REVIEW

‘Excellent series. Once I read the first book I kept on reading the whole series. An excellent detective series well worth the read. Start with book one and continue forward.’ READER REVIEW

‘As with all Ms. Evans’ stories, a good, solid read! Love these guys!’ READER REVIEW


Game of Bones


ALT: Book Cover Award-Winner-Game of Bones #18

‘Great series! I’ve enjoyed each and every one of the books in this series. I love the characters, the stories and the setting. Please keep them coming, Geraldine!’ READER REVIEW

‘Still going strong! Just wanted to once again recommend the Rafferty & Llewellyn series to readers. This is the 18th book in the series, and the plot (and the characters) seem as fresh as ever. Quite the nifty little twist in this one, which was appreciated. Looking forward to the 19th!’ READER REVIEW

‘All 18 books are great. I have just finished all 18 books! They were all fun! Good suspense, great characters and each book can stand alone. Highly recommend them all! Hope the next one comes out soon!’ READER REVIEW





Up in Fames




Casey and Catt British Mystery Series #1

‘Well-researched. Intriguing plot. Good pace. Excellent characterisation and wry humour makes this a very enjoyable read. Highly recommended.’ MYSTERY PEOPLE

‘Another solid procedural leavened with a dash of quirky characters.’ KIRKUS REVIEWS

‘Culture, language, pacing, all brilliant and enticing. I was with the writer til the last possible second. A must read.’ READER REVIEW

‘Geraldine Evans is well established as author of the humor-filled Rafferty and Llewelyn series, which I have not read and probably wouldn’t choose, but I think she has something really important here. Her underlying question, “Do we know who we are?” applies not only to people struggling to reconcile two cultures, but to all of us who are reeling from unanticipated cultural cacophony in our lifetimes. The results have been documented by other writers, first and foremost John Waddington-Feather, whose Inspector Hartley solves cases in Yorkshire, with the aid of his Asian Sergeant Ibrahim Khan. These novelists go beyond genre entertainment to make us think about real and complex lives. I look forward to #2 in the series set in King’s Langley.’ READER REVIEW


A Killing Karma


ALT: eBook Cover A Killing Karma #2 Casey & Catt



Another solid procedural leavened with a dash of quirky characters.’ KIRKUS REVIEWS

‘Great read! I’m a very big fan of Geraldine Evans but only recently tried her Casey and Catt series. Not disappointed! Rich story lines with compelling characters, Casey and Catt solve their cases with a wealth of underlining personal stories playing out. A great peek into English life styles and attitudes while universal crimes occur.’ READER REVIEW

‘Killer book, lots of activity and rich language. It put you in the scene as a bystander. I love the cross over cultural in this book.’ READER REVIEW

‘A fun littler murder mystery.’ READER REVIEW





Reluctant Queen


ALT: Book cover Reluctant-Queen: The story of the little sister of Henry VIII

Reluctant Queen: The Story of Mary Rose Tudor, the Defiant Little Sister of Infamous English King, Henry VIII

‘A very readable account of a fascinating woman who dared to stand up to Henry VIII and survived. It is thoroughly researched, admhttps://geraldineevansbooks.comirably written and the author’s love of the Tudor period shines through.Historical Novels Review

‘Creatively imagines the private life of Mary Rose Tudor in this richly textured historical novel. A thoroughly researched, elegantly written historical tale.’ KIRKUS INDIE

‘Very enjoyable and informative read. A keeper! Really liked reading this book. it helped me understand so much more about Mary’s perspective of events, and her King Henry VIII (her brother’s) duplicity, coldness and greed where she was concerned. He made things financially miserable for the Brandons literally for their entire lifetime. He didn’t have to do that – and shouldn’t have done that to his beloved sister.’  READER REVIEW

‘I truly enjoyed this novel about Mary Tudor. Before I read this book, I knew that she was married to the king of France and later to Charles Brandon, but I had no idea of how or why these marriages came about, or indeed, what her life was like. The author seems to have done her research as far as the events and people of this era are concerned, and the dialogue was definitely in context, which is not always the case. Although I had not previously read any books by this author, I will definitely consider reading any future works by Ms. Evans.’ READER REVIEW

‘Very easy to read, very hard to put down. This made a Mary Tudor so accessible and relatable to the reader.’ READER REVIEW


The Egg Factory


ALT: Book Cover: The Egg Factory-Romantic Suspense



‘After several disappointing free download reads, I wasn’t really expecting too much from this book either but I was very pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed this book, couldn’t put it down. Would recommend it and I will not be deleting this from my Kindle.’ READER REVIEW

‘A different type of thriller. Good story with intriguing premise. Recommended for holiday reading will look for more of this author.’ READER REVIEW

‘I’ve read a number of Geraldine’s books and I have to say that she has a knack for developing characters. As a reader, you begin to understand what motivates them…for good or ill.’ READER REVIEW


How to eFormat Your Novel for Amazon’s Kindle










‘I have read so many books on the topic and struggled through Amazon’s explanations, so I was thoroughly delighted to come upon this. It is spelled out so simply for those of us without a clue.’ READER REVIEW

‘GREAT informative book! This book is concise and comprehensive; author instructions are very through. I’ve read quite a few books on formatting for Amazon’s Kindle. The step by step instructions were right on target. Kudos to the author!’ READER REVIEW

‘Enlightening. To a non-techhead like me, this book was invaluable. Definitely one I will keep on my kindle for further reference.’ READER REVIEW