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Plugins were my Downfall!

Plugins Were My Downfall


At last, after months, and months, I have been able to customise my website. Each time I tried (and failed), I got one of those irritating messages that said it was unresponsive and I could either Wait or Exit. I was tearing my hair out that I’d wasted half a day on this malarkey.

Geraldine Evans's Books Plugins were my Downfall! 2020 September 28

Plugin Problem

I eventually realised that it might be one of my plugins that were the culprit (slow or what?). They’ve been behind every other aggravation I’ve experienced, so when I thought about it, one or more of these was the obvious suspect.

Plugin Problem Solved

After I stripped out all of my plugins, barring the few that are self-controlled, I could customise. Amazed? Delighted? I’ll say. I might even dare to be more regular in my blogging in future (if that’s not tempting the fates to do dire things–which it probably is).

Bright and Shiny

Repeat after me. I must not get new plugins in the manner of a person seeking happiness in retail therapy.  It will only bring misery and pain. So these are my new rules to live by:

Plugin Rules

  • insert only one new plugin at a time
  • find out exactly how it works
  • delete it the minute you suspect it of sabotage
  • don’t agonise–ask a tech-savvy person for help
  • this applies equally to all technology. If you don’t understand it, and think you never will–don’t install it. Technology is such a time-suck if you weren’t brought-up with it.
Geraldine Evans's Books Plugins were my Downfall! 2020 September 28
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You know it makes sense.


  1. Jacqui Murray

    I have had so many problems with plugins that I just don’t install them anymore. Or update them. I use a service. Then, when the whole thing explodes, they just fix it, don’t even tell me. Sigh.

    • geraldine

      I’m now using fewer plugins, so I’ll see how that goes. I didn’t know you could use a service for this (terminal technophobe). Do you mind if I ask who you use? Just in case they give me the screaming ab dabs again! 🙂

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