Hi All,

Just a quickie, to let you know that Renee Pawlish is having another promotion  of Mysteries/Thrillers. Every book is on offer at 99c / 99p, including my second Rafferty & Llewellyn, Down Among the Dead Men. Just click the link! If nothing takes your fancy, perhaps you’d pass it over to a friend.

To update you on my news: I’m now putting together a third box-set, of books 9 – 12. that is Blood on the Bones, A Thrust to the Vitals, Death Dues, and All the Lonely People.
Geraldine Evans's Books News and Offers 2020 September 25  Geraldine Evans's Books News and Offers 2020 September 25  Geraldine Evans's Books News and Offers 2020 September 25  Geraldine Evans's Books News and Offers 2020 September 25

I’m still in the throes of changing the series covers. As you will see, the next on the list is All the Lonely People. I really must email my cover designer to book her services. It’s not truly horrible as a cover, but I’m the first to admit I’m not brilliant at them, and I just haven’t the time to learn. Shame really, as I’d love to learn how to do them, but it’s just not on the cards, as I’m way too stretched as it is.

It’s good, really, that indie authors who have come from a traditional background as I have, don’t realise from the off, that in reality, we have to do all the work of an entire publishing company. We’d be like so many rabbits gazing mesmerised into the headlights if we did. God knows, I had enough trouble with formatting!

Then there’s marketing (newsletters, websites/blogs, promotion) where you have to learn about Facebook Ads, Lead Pages, Landing Pages, etc (I’ve watched so many webinars in an attempt to learn that you could call me ‘A goggle-eyed w****!).

Then there’s proofreading, of course, and keeping up with all the latest tips and tricks. My inbox gets so clogged, that most of the day is gone before I can actually do any of the work that keeps me fed and watered. Then there are covers; choosing the art-work can take days of your time. I used to buy this in a variety of different ways: you add the text and select the font, they do it, you buy the cover art from somewhere like istockphoto. and bring it into Gimp (free image manipulation), where you play about with it until it’s a mangled mess. You did keep a copy of the original, didn’t you? Ah . . .! Always learning.

But I love it, so I wouldn’t change it for the world; certainly not for the opportunity to return to traditional publishing. I kicked the dust of that off my heels six years’ ago, and was glad to do it. Paid twice a year? Duh! Tiny cheques? Even more Duh!

I’m an indie, and proud of it. Just stop with the new stuff for a while, okay? Because my brain is getting as clogged as my inbox. There’s only so much my poor over-worked brain can take in before it goes splat!

Now, where did I put my notes on that webinar about Lead Pages?

Till next time.