Geraldine Evans's Books Need a Professional Critique? 2020 September 24




Seeking Criticism For Your Novel

I wrote piece for one of crime author, Pauline Rowson’s, blogs (advice for writers). Perhaps you’ll find it helpful. Especially if you’ve written a book that has received nothing but rejections. Maybe it’s time to check it out?

Start Counting the Money, Honey

Del Boy of Only Fools and Horses fame, always said: ‘By this time next year, we’ll be millionaires’. Perhaps that’s your belief, too – if only you could get someone to read your book. Maybe it’ll happen, too.

Rejection, Rejection, And Yet More Rejection

But after you’ve done all the usual things-nothing. You’ve penned the Letters to the Editor, subscribed to writers’ magazines, joined the local Writers’ Circle and received your first rejection letter. Or maybe more than one…

Perhaps it’s time to consider having your work professionally criticised?

Yes, I know it’s expensive. I know the critique might be wounding to your ego. But then so are all those rejections. It could well be the step forward you need.

Writers’ Circle? Could Take A Year To Read An Entire Novel

Yes, I know, you can get a critique from friends at your writing circle. However, I don’t think that’s the most suitable arena for a book critique. Think about it. It could take a year (or two) for you to read out the entire book. After all, I presume you have to take your turn. And what is the likely scenario by the time they hear your final chapter? The other members will have forgotten most of the first half of it!

Provides a Much-Needed Boost

It’s possible I would still be that forlorn and struggling wannabe without the advice I received. So, after finishing, I sent the novel for a professional critique. That was Dead Before Morning, the first mystery in what went on to become an 18 novel series (Rafferty & Llewellyn Mystery Series). I’m now (trying!) to work on the unnamed 19th. Unfortunately, it keeps being put on a low flame during this Coronavirus-Pandemic.

Recommended Criticism Services

Unfortunately, the criticism service I used seems to have vanished off the radar. Though, if you check the Resources for Authors Page on this website, you’ll find the names of two reputable firms. And if you buy the latest writers’ bibles (Writers’ Handbook and Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook), you’ll find a lot more.

You Know It Makes Sense

So, if you’re frustrated. Yearn to have your book read in pretty quick fashion by someone in the know. And get furious at all the poet-manqué’s at your Writers’ Circle. Think about having that professional critique. As Del Boy would say: ‘You know it makes sense’.