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KITH AND KILL #15 Rafferty & Llewellyn procedural series

#15 in series

#15 in series

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Sophia Egerton, matriarch of a family of fashion designers, is murdered on the same day she celebrates her ninetieth birthday. DI Joe Rafferty has to wonder if one of her family thought she had lived too long, because most of the suspects were there when she died and just happen to be the wealthy Sophia’s ever-loving relatives.

Rafferty’s investigation is thwarted by his own parish priest, Fr Roberto Kelly, whose lady parishioner is one of the suspects. And his peace of mind is upset by his bolshie siblings whose preference for buying gifts from ‘a man in the pub’ is not conducive to a serene police career. But it is only by getting the contrarily wilful priest on-side that will gain Rafferty a conviction.

DEADLY REUNION #14 Rafferty & Llewellyn procedural series

#14 in series

     #14 in series

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A school reunion at the prestigious Griffin School brings together old loves, old hatreds, juvenile behaviour, a smattering of the occult…and murder.
And when DI Joe Rafferty and his intellectual partner, Sergeant Dafyd Llewellyn, are called in to unearth the truth behind the killing of a high-profile former pupil, they find a case that tests Rafferty’s patience, his intellect and his never-far-away, superstition to the full.

DEATH DANCE #13 Rafferty & llewellyn procedural series

#13 in series

#13 in series


Adrienne Staveley had a husband, a stepson, and several lovers. And while other men liked her TOO much, her own menfolk had reasons not to like her very much at all. And as for her female in-laws…

DI Joe Rafferty and his partner, Dafyd Llewelyn, had to sort through Adrienne’s tangled love life to find just who had left her strangled on her own kitchen floor.

They had suspects in plenty and motives too numerous to mention. The only thing they lacked was proof against any one of them.

And Joe Rafferty’s wedding day was fast-approaching. Would he manage to solve the case and get off on his honeymoon? Or would he have to cancel and get in his bride, Abra’s, bad books from the very start?

ALL THE LONELY PEOPLE #12 Rafferty & Llewellyn procedural series

#12 in series

#12 in series


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DEATH DUES #11 Rafferty & Llewellyn procedural series

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GEvans_DeathDues (2)

With his wife-to-be’s wedding budget spiralling out of control and his Superintendent demanding the swift resolution to the series of muggings of local loan sharks’ collectors, DI Joe Rafferty is anticipating a long and trying week. And sure, enough, he isn’t disappointed.

When one John ‘Jaws’ Harrison is found with his skull caved in, in an alleyway backing on to rundown Primrose Avenue while on his way to collect debt repayments from the residents, Rafferty and his intellectual partner, Sergeant Dafyd Llewellyn, imagine the case will be easily solved. Armed with a list of local debtors, they begin their investigations. But they hadn’t counted on the conspiracy of silence amongst the residents–most of whom had good reason to want Jaws dead.

With the Super breathing down his neck and fiancée Abra sending his blood pressure to boiling point, Rafferty is forced to make some unorthodox decisions and stretch his intuitive powers to breaking point.

A THRUST TO THE VITALS #10 Rafferty & Llewellyn procedural series

#10 in series

#10 in series

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Returning to Elmhurst many years after his involuntary departure, to attend a civic reception in his honour, Sir Rufus Seward ignores the maxim that ‘going back’ is not always wise. Summoned after Seward’s body is found, a wood chisel protruding from its back, Dl Joe Rafferty receives a panicky call from his younger brother, Mickey, who fears he is in the frame for Seward’s murder.

Strangely, given his loathing of the dead man, Mickey had received an invitation to the reception. Keen to confront the bully who made his youth a misery, Mickey found his tormentor’s body, and fled the scene…

Rafferty, aware that his brother hated Seward, and that Mickey, a carpenter by trade, has three pointers to guilt — the means, the motive and the opportunity — finds himself torn between protecting his family and finding the real killer.

BLOOD ON THE BONES #9 Rafferty & Llewellyn procedural series

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Lapsed Catholic DI Joe Rafferty was dismayed that his latest murder investigation should centre around the local RC Convent, where a body had been discovered in a shallow grave.

The nuns’ order was an enclosed, contemplative one, and access to their house and grounds, with its surrounding 8 foot high walls, far from easy.

Rafferty, prejudiced by his rigid Catholic schooling, didn’t find it as hard as his DS, Dafyd Llewellyn, to believe that this might be an inside job and that the religious were as capable of murder as other frail mortals.

But then, the suspects stretched to include the nuns’ doctor and their confessor, the determinedly soul-saving, uber-hypocritical, Father Roberto Kelly, himself, ‘the greatest sinner in the parish’.

It was, for Rafferty, a difficult case from the start, its difficulties compounded by personal problems of a blackmailing nature.

Rafferty had to dig deep into the past and the mores of an earlier generation to find the killer, and into his own recent past to identify his persecutor

LOVE LIES BLEEDING #8 in the Rafferty & Llewellyn procedural series

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#8 in series

#8 in series

A most unlikely murderer, is DI Joe Rafferty’s immediate thought when the slender and bloodied Felicity Raine stumbles into the police station and confesses to killing her husband.

He thinks her even more unlikely a murderer when he meets her in-laws and catches them out in several deceits. There is something peculiar going on, he is convinced. Because, owing to the establishment of a Trust, although Felicity isn’t down to receive any financial benefit from her husband’s death, others in the Raine family are. Is one of them attempting to set Felicity up to take the rap?

The case prompts Rafferty to more deeply investigate what lies beneath the surface–not only in his current investigation, but in his tangled personal life, too.

BAD BLOOD #7 in the Rafferty & Llewellyn procedural series
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#7 in series

#7 in series

Investigating the murder of wealthy widow Clara Mortimer, estranged from her family and living alone in an upmarket sheltered apartment, Rafferty fears his own family estrangement. Because when Abra, his girlfriend, said she might be pregnant, his reaction wasn’t exactly New Man…

Between the grudges of Clara’s estranged family and those of her adoptive ‘family’ – the other apartment residents – Rafferty has suspects and questions in plenty.

Why had the sensible Clara Mortimer chosen to open her door to a burglar, for instance? When he considers the awful lies her family tells, how can he not conclude they have something to hide?

DYING FOR YOU #6 in the Rafferty & Llewellyn procedural series
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#6 in series

#6 in series

Detective Inspector Joe Rafferty manages to become chief suspect in his own double murder investigation. And all he’d been doing was looking for love…

It had been his sergeant’s wedding that had brought home to him that, far from still being the ‘Jack the Lad’ of old, he was not only lonely, but in danger of turning into a sad old git. So, with his fortieth birthday on the horizon, he decides it’s time to take the initiative.

To this end, he signs up with the Made in Heaven dating agency. Wary of his colleagues (or his determinedly matchmaking Ma) discovering his shameful secret, Rafferty persuades his more up-market cousin to let him borrow his identity. It’s just unfortunate that the first two women with whom he strikes up a rapport should wind up murdered and with himself – or rather his alter ego – in the frame for the crimes.

Put in charge of the double murder investigation, Rafferty foresees plenty of difficulties ahead. Not least how he is to conduct the case without the witnesses pointing
the finger and saying: ‘But that’s him. That’s Nigel Blythe. The murderer!’

But, with a certain ingenuity, Rafferty neatly avoids this little problem and sets out to solve the case.

And as he works towards this end, he learns more about the human condition than he really wants to know.

ABSOLUTE POISON #5 in the Rafferty & Llewellyn procedural series
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#5 in series

#5 in series

Detective Inspector Joseph Rafferty is having a bad week – two pensioner suicides already and he can’t help feeling trouble comes in threes.

Also niggling in his mind is the fact that Llewellyn, his posh sergeant, has brought a ‘bargain’ suit from Rafferty’s mother. Sure to be stolen goods, the suit is bound to drop Rafferty in it when the holier-than-thou Llewellyn wears it on his wedding day – with the hated Superintendent Bradley in attendance….

Rafferty’s first premonition turns out to be accurate when a company manager is found dead at his desk. The tyrannical Barstaple had known full well that he was hated by most of the office. But did he really deserve to be poisoned? And so horribly.

Rafferty thinks his week has been trying enough. But then someone else is poisoned and from bad to worse becomes worse again. And when you take the ‘bargain’ suit into the equation, the week really has gone to Hell in a handcart. And taken Rafferty with it.

THE HANGING TREE #4 in  the Rafferty & Llewellyn procedural series
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#4 in series

#4 in series

‘The original crossroads used to run by here,’ Dr Sam Dally told Rafferty. ‘Legend has it that this was the original Hanging Tree.’

When Inspector Rafferty first hears the report that a bound and hooded body has been seen hanging from a tree in Dedman Wood, he dismisses it as a schoolboy hoax.

But his anxiety levels take a hike when the witness turns out to be a respectable local magistrate, who identifies the corpse as Maurice Smith, a man once accused of four child rapes. Thrown out on a legal technicality, Smith’s case had become a cause-célèbre which had generated much ill-feeling within the community. And now Smith seems to have disappeared…

Then the body turns up again in the woods. Could there be a self-appointed executioner at work, meting out his own form of justice on the legendary Hanging Tree?

DEATH LINE #3 in  the Rafferty & Llewellyn procedural series
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# 3 in series

# 3 in series

Jasper Moon, internationally renowned ‘seer to the stars’, had signally failed to foresee his own future. He is found dead on his consulting-room floor, his skull crushed with a crystal ball and, all, around him, his office in chaos.

Meanwhile, Ma Rafferty does some star-gazing of her own and is sure she can predict Detective Inspector Joe Rafferty’s future – by the simple expedient of organizing it herself. She is still engaged on her crusade to get Rafferty married off to a good Catholic girl with child-bearing hips. But Rafferty has a cunning plan to sabotage her machinations. Only trouble is, he needs Sergeant Llewellyn’s cooperation and he isn’t sure he’s going to get it.

During their murder investigations, Inspector Rafferty and Sergeant Llewellyn discover a highly incriminating video concealed in Moon’s flat, a video which, if made public, could wreck more than one life. Was the famous astrologer really a vicious sexual predator? Gradually, connections begin to emerge between Moon and others in the small Essex town of Elmhurst. But how is Rafferty to solve the case when all of his suspects have seemingly unbreakable alibis?

DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN #2 in the Rafferty & Llewellyn procedural series
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#2 in series

#2 in series

When beautiful Barbara Longman is found dead in a meadow, uprooted wild flowers strewn about her and, in her hand, a single marigold, Inspector Joe Rafferty at first believes the murder may be the work of the serial killer over the county border in Suffolk.

But then he meets the victim’s family — and, after liaising with the Suffolk CID — he rapidly comes to believe that the killing is the work of a copycat…one much closer to home, someone among the descendants of the long-dead wealthy family patriarch, Maximillian Shore.

Everyone, it seems, had a motive: Henry the grieving widower; the victim’s brother-in-law, Charles Shore, the ruthless tycoon; Henry’s first wife, the Bohemian Anne, who has lost the custody of her teenage son to the saintly Barbara. Even the long-dead patriarch, Maximillian Shore, seems, to Rafferty, to have some involvement in the murder, though how, or why, Rafferty doesn’t understand until he finally grasps the truth behind the reasons for the killing.

A truth sad and dreadful and which had been evident from the start, if only he had the eyes to see.

DEAD BEFORE MORNING #1 in the Rafferty & Llewellyn procedural series
LINKS:  AMAZON UK: http://qurl.com/tys8f     US:http://qurl.com/wchsd
B & N NOOK LINK: http://qurl.com/mvmk6
IBOOKSTORE: http://qurl.com/c4jgw   SMASHWORDS: http://qurl.com/bgrjv 

#1 in series

#1 in series

Newly promoted Essex DI Joe Rafferty is already feeling the heat in his first case as Senior Investigating Officer, when he lands the murder case from Hell.

A naked girl with no face, no ID, and no teeth has been found in a place she had no business being: a secure, private psychiatric facility. She isn’t staff, a patient or a visitor, and no one knows who she is or how she came to be there.

As if he hasn’t got enough problems identifying the girl and finding her murderer, Rafferty also has to deal with the hospital’s arrogant owner, who’s more interested in protecting his own assets than in helping Rafferty secure justice for the victim; his mother, a skilled emotional blackmailer who wants him to ensure his cousin’s release from jail in time for his own wedding; and having his every move scrutinised by his ‘by the book’, educationally-superior sergeant, his superintendent, and a super-critical media who has adopted the case of ‘the faceless lady’ as its own.

If not for all the false starts Rafferty would feel no nearer a solution than when the investigation began. Then, he remembers his promise to his Ma and discovers that, in some cases, not getting to the final destination might be the better option.


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