ALT: Book Cover how to format your novel for amazon's kindle

This is my updated, neatened Guide. It’s a simple,  A-Z, no longer than twenty-odd pages.

Those of you who want to eformat a novel created in a Word document for Amazon’s Kindle, would, I’m sure, prefer not to have to wade through a hundred pages or more in order to do something which is, in reality, pretty simple.

That was what I wanted, anyway, but was unable to find.

So I wrote my own set of instructions, which, as well as posting on this blog (see eformatting, under RESOURCES FOR AUTHORS/eformatting). I have now uploaded to kindle.

Although, you can still print off my original instructions from this blog, for free, I decided to upload it and charge a few pence. Anyway, here’s the link to the free copy on this blog:

And here’s the link to the updated version on Amazon’s Kindle: How to Format Your Novel for Amazon’s Kindle


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