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8) All things Technological


WOULD YOU LIKE 4 free Mystery Novels?

My freebie of four of the first novels in my Rafferty & Llewellyn Mystery Series is only for subscribers to my Newsletter, but don’t let that put you off.

Although I’m actually nearly ready to send an email now, before that, I hadn’t written to my subscribers for months (which is very remiss of me).

You can always unsubscribe if you decide my books are not really for you, and no hard feelings.

If you like your mysteries to have little gore, but a detective with a sense of humour, then the Rafferty & Llewellyn Mysteries is the series for you.

Get Your 4 Free Rafferty & Llewellyn British Mystery Novels–Only for Subscribers (sign up Here)

Dead Before Morning #1

ALT: Book Cover of Dead Before Morning #1 Rafferty & Llewellyn Mystery Series

Dead Before Morning #1 Rafferty & Llewellyn Mystery Series.
Winner of indieBRAG Medallion 2019

A murder victim with no face. A media calling for answers. And a detective with a family not averse to a little gentle law-bending.

Down Among the Dead Men #2

Alt: Book Cover-Down Among the Dead Men #2 Rafferty & Llewellyn Mystery Series

#2 Rafferty & Llewellyn Mystery Series

A much-loved murder victim. A long-dead patriarch. And a detective finding his way out of a morass of emotions.

Death Line #3

ALT: Book Cover Death Line #3 Rafferty

A murdered ‘seer’ who failed to predict his own future. A partner who refuses to see the murder as an inside job. And a Detective who’s coming up empty.

The Hanging Tree #4

ALT: Book Cover The Hanging Tree

A disappearing hanged man. A witness designed to harass. And a Detective who felt ambivalent about getting a conviction.
Get 4 Free Rafferty & Llewellyn British Mystery Novels–Only for Subscribers

18 Novels in series

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If you’re interested in what I do, how I do it, perhaps I can interest you in learning about how I got started as an author.

You can read:

About Geraldine Evans



either here, or below.

Getting Your Mysteries on Television

I’m checking out how you get your mysteries on television. Still in the preparatory stage, but I’m amassing a load of information which I shall share with you shortly. Watch this space!

All things Technological

I’ve been a looong time in this game, but I’m still learning.

But these days I’m having to direct my brain to getting to grips with all things technological.

At the moment I’m preparing a long series of articles about SEO, which, until recently (like two/three weeks ago!), I was a total dunce at.

It was only two/ three DAYS ago that I discovered, you actually have to do something with plugins once you’ve got them.

Who knew? I had just assumed, once I’d uploaded the particular plugin, I could leave them to it.

After all, this is “Technology”, with a Capital ‘T’. They’re all geniuses at this stuff, aren’t they?

Unfortunately not! Not enough to realise that the majority of us, are so ignorant of their speciality, that we make assumptions. Like mine!

I’ve been happily tending or ignoring my website for years. With no harm done. Or so I thought.

One thing I’ve learned, is that you’ll be a wise bird if, when you upload a new plugin, you click it, then work your way through EVERYTHING that comes up in the list that comes after the plugin. Nobody told me.

Well, okay, RankMath, and one or two others did try to clarify that it was important.

I tended to say, ‘Yeah, yeah’, and ignore them. Who’s got time for this boring stuff? said I.

But no longer.

Because I’ve learned the hard way, that paying attention, and filling in everything they ask, has a significant effect on your SEO.

So you’ll be a smarter blogger than me to do it (if only to discourage you from acquiring millions of plugins (guilty again!).

This is another article that is in preparation. So, like the Television article above, you’ll have to watch this space!





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8) All things Technological