Video Interview


This is a video interview I did for The Lit Chick Show.

This is my first attempt at doing a video interview – well the first one that I actually put up on youtube!

In the previous attempts to capture this video, my mind went blank as I tried to find what I wanted to say.

In the next effort, my head kept almost disappearing off the side of the screen.

And then, my husband unaccountably forgot how to speak. And in the next he had a coughing fit.

This one is the best of a bad bunch!

See what you think.

Laugh at my husband’s attempts at doing a posh, literary accent. I did.

Five Star Reviews

Here are a couple of lovely reader reviews on Amazon.

Add your own if you have liked any of my novels. Don’t bother if you haven’t!

Five Star Review of Dead Before Morning ebook, first in my Rafferty crime series, on Amazon.

ALT: Book Cover of Dead Before Morning #1 Rafferty & Llewellyn Mystery Series

Dead Before Morning #1 Rafferty & Llewellyn Mystery Series. Winner of indieBRAG Medallion 2019



Five Star Review of Down Among the Dead Men ebook, second in my Rafferty crime series, on Amazon.





I was interviewed by Beth Hull (Nebula Contact) on:

I was interviewed by Jean Henry Mead for Mysterious People:

My interview with Rebecca Dahlke of allmysteryenewsletter:

This will feature on 8 January 2011.

Organising a Blog Tour

For the month of February, to coincide with the publication of my eighteenth novel and fourteenth Rafferty & Llewellyn, Deadly Reunion.


Geraldine Evans's Books Here's a few of the latest interviews of me, plus a couple of excellent reviews. 2020 September 24

Gig Dates: To be notified

This is taking up quite a bit of my time as it’s quite complicated, coordinating all the gig dates and making sure I’m not repetitive with the content.

So I hope you’ll forgive me if my posts here aren’t as frequent as before.

I will post a list of the gigs and the links as soon as I know them all, both here and on my website (–Actually, I abandoned that website some time ago. Must find out how I get it taken down.

Current Website

I’m quite excited about this.

It’s My First Blog Tour

I’m terrified I’ll make an administrative hash of it and never get invited on anyone’s blog ever again!

Keep your fingers crossed for me.