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Strangers on the Shore


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He looked like a pirate…she just hoped he didn’t behave like one

Being shipwrecked on a desert island should have been romantic…beaches, the blue ocean, golden sand.

It was a Paradise.

But not when you were suffering from amnesia and couldn’t even remember your name.

Or why your companion seemed to hate you.
Sharah, when she discovered that Jake believed her to be the reason his yacht was wrecked, found her loss of memory even more distressing. How was she to convince him of her innocence?
And that wasn’t her only problem… Because gradually, Sharah found herself falling in love.
It could only end badly. Couldn’t it?


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The Wishing Fountain


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A Gentle, Cornish Romance
After breaking off an abusive relationship with her fiancé, Tessa Morgan hoped for a fresh start in Cornwall: a new job, a new home, a new place.
Second chances. Couldn’t she do with some of those?
But she hadn’t even arrived when things started to go wrong: her ancient Mini had an accident with a motorbike; then it ran out of water.

The man who she’d knocked off his bike clearly thought her unsafe to be on the road and told her so. Tessa gave as good as she got.

But the cliff-top road was lonely and empty of traffic. She certainly didn’t want to be stranded there for hours.

So she was forced to accept a lift to the nearest garage on the back of her rescuer’s bike.
She felt humiliated in front of her mechanic audience when they arrived at the garage. Because her reluctant Sir Galahad roared off without a backward glance.

It wasn’t a good start to her new life. Tessa wondered what else could go wrong.
She didn’t have long to wait to find out…


AMAZON UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00HN83VWQ/


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Land of Dreams




Don’t get excited! This novel isn’t actually available, in the original hardback, or digital. Sorry. But I can’t find the bl—y thing!

The h/b was published by Hale under their Rainbow Romance imprint. I got the rights back, but it’s just sat on my computer ever since.

At least, I’m sure it’s there somewhere. On whichever computer I was using at the time. But I’m damned if I can discover its whereabouts.

I just thought I’d show you my first attempt at an ebook cover for this book (if I ever get around to publishing it myself!).

I was going to add a background picture of a man on a dog-sled, but I haven’t had time to look for one. No incentive to do so, either, if I can’t find the blessed book on the computer/s.

Apart from anything else, if I can’t find the typescript, I’ll have to retype the entire novel from the original hardback copy. Oh! Woe! With my one, un-paralysed, hand. Oh! Double woe! 🙁

But it was my first published novel. So I’m quite attached to it. Just sayin’. 🙂




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