Geraldine Evans's Books DYING FOR YOU: LATEST RAFFERTY AND LLEWELLYN EBOOK 2020 September 25

DYING FOR YOU is my latest ebook and the sixth in my Rafferty and Llewellyn mystery series.

In this one, DI Joe Rafferty joins a dating agency, using an assumed name so his Ma won’t find out. Murder ensues. And then the fun begins. Here’s the blurb:

Increasingly conscious of his lonely state, Detective Inspector Joe Rafferty signed up with the Made in Heaven dating agency, using an assumed name so his Ma and his colleagues wouldn’t find out. What he hadn’t bargained on was that the first two women with whom he struck up a rapport should wind up murdered – and with himself, or rather his alter ego Nigel Blythe, in the frame for the crime.
Will the anonymity of the alias be enough to carry him through the investigation? And will the extra time he’s bought prove sufficient to find the women’s real killer before the finger of suspicions is pointed at him?
And here are some of the reviews I received for the hb edition:

‘Evans brings wit and insight to this tale of looking for love in all the wrong places.’
‘It’s bad enough being suspected of a double murder, worse still when it’s your alter ego being pursued and it’s the pits when you are the policeman in charge of supposedly catching yourself. I thoroughly enjoyed Dying For You, the sixth in the series,  A lot of humour is injected in Rafferty’s narrative.  He’s got himself in  an impossible situation and one wonders what can go wrong next. I savoured this book and am keen to read the rest in the series asap.’
‘Twists, double twists and  triple twists. Two solid hours of reading pleasure.’
For the growing number of Rafferty and Llewellyn fans this latest novel in the series by Geraldine Evans will certainly not disappoint. This is a very enjoyable read with a plot that moves at a good pace, is full of surprises, has lots of humour and a very satisfactory denouement. Highly  recommended.’
‘A fun read for the mystery lover who enjoys tales with a twist. A cleverly-plotted tale. Enjoy.’

Here are the amazon links if you fancy it. It’s priced at £2.45 / $3.99.