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I hosted American suspense author Michael Murphy a few posts ago when I introduced him and his latest novel Scorpion bay. He’ll be back on Monday 2 May with a follow-up based on his Writers’ Workshop: You Too Can Write a Novel.

So, if you’re interested in writing a novel, but are in despair about actually getting the thing finished, tune in here on Monday for Michael’s wise words on the subject.

In the meantime, why not take another look at his books and his website, so you know a little more about him.

Michael’s Bio:
In addition to being a full time writer, Michael Murphy is a part time urban chicken rancher. He and his wife make their home in Arizona with their two cats, four dogs and five chickens. He enjoys writing mystery and suspense novels with twists and turns and splashes of humor.  Scorpion Bay is his seventh novel.  
Here are two Amazon links, for paperback and Kindle:
Michael’s website:
Here are a couple of reviews of Scorpion Bay
‘Strap yourself in and get ready for plenty of action, suspense, crime, corruption, a touch of romance and comedy. Include a high tech motorcycle, our hero in a black disguise to hide his identity along with designer drugs, intrigue and danger on a luxury yacht on Scorpion Bay. Michael Murphy shares the map to fast paced intrigue with three dimensional characters and a great story line that will keep you involved and wanting more until the last page.’
Nikki Leigh, award winning fiction and non fiction author.
“Part thriller, part romance, part comedy, part mystery and all satisfying; Scorpion Bay is an impossible book to put down. Prepare to burn the midnight oil with this one, rooting for Parker Knight as Murphy carefully unravels the plot on the very last word.”
Alisha Paige, author of Circle City: Lord of the Wolfen–coming soon.


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