How to Write a Book Review

How to write a book review-Authors love reviews – this is not a secret!

But after you’ve closed a book, why should you bother to write one? How do you do it? And who can write a review? What’s considered a ‘good’ review?

Whoa! Let’s take a step back…

Five Star Editorial Reviews on 3 Rafferty Books

‘Geraldine Evans has done it again. The distinguished, veteran British crime writer has turned out another crackling, entertaining and highly satisfying crime mystery in her Rafferty & Llewellyn, British mystery series, Game of Bones – 18th in the series.’

Animated Covers!

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via Animated Covers!

Geraldine Evans-Guest Post on Joe Konrath’s Blog

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Such a thrill to write a guest post for Joe Konrath. I’ve admired him from afar since before I decided to turn indie myself — a decision I doubt I’d have had the courage to make if not for Joe. So thank you, Joe, for your generosity in sharing so much with the rest of the writing community and for opening our eyes to the possibilities created by Amazon and the internet.

Price-Drop on 2-15 of Rafferty and Llewellyn Mystery Series-including 3 BOXSETS! £1.99 / $2.99 each

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I’m dropping the price of Nos 2-15 novels in the Rafferty series to £1.99 / $2.99 + 3 BOXSET!

The Day I Nearly Died.

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It was during a trip to Folkstone, on England’s south coast. It was the summer holidays, and all us kids were off school, looking for mischief and finding it.

Plugins were my Downfall!

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Plugins were my downfall. At last, after months, and months, I have been able to configure my website. Each time I tried (and failed), I got one of those irritating messages that said it was unresponsive and I could either Wait or Exit. I was tearing my hair out that I’d wasted half a day on this malarkey.

Promo-Love Historical Novels? This One’s for You!

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Can you imagine what it must be like to be the little sister of infamous English king, Henry VIII? Remember, this is the king who went on to have six wives, two of whom he had beheaded.

Do You Write Cozy Mysteries?

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Then K-lytics is doing a special Seminar on this very subject. If you’re interested take a look. I find K-lytics reports very interesting, as they break down Amazon’s categories into sub, sub-sub, etc, […]

First Time Indie Publication! Deadly Reunion #14 Rafferty 99p/99c BARGAIN BUY

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First Time Indie Publication! I’ve finally got around to publishing this novel! I got the rights back to Deadly Reunion from Severn House Publishers last year, and when I looked at it, […]

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