KOBO: The Secret to Selling more Books on their Site

Now here is Kobo’s European Manager, Camille Mofidi, with hints and tips to help you


7 Tips for Selling More Books and Reaching More Readers on Kobo

I publish wide, with all of my books (bar one book written under a pen-name), and I’ve noticed my sales increasing lately.

Now here is Kobo’s European Manager, Camille Mofidi, supplying you with hints and tips to help you increase your sales on the site (courtesy of Joanna Penn).

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How to Discover How Good Your Keywords Really Are

Are your keywords doing their job?If not try k-lytics

K-LYTICS–Are your KEYWORDS really doing their job?

Do you find that your keywords aren’t doing their job? I did, And I did something about it.

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I signed up with K-Lytics –and it’s not just for my Non-Fiction, it’s for Fiction, too. I found fabulously helpful reports on:






Save time, write more, rank higher:

Find the best book market opportunities in seconds!

Yes, you say, but how much does it cost? K-Lytics  provides a clear and comprehensive price list – Pricing

You can currently buy the cheapest option at $37.00 (normally $47.00).

I signed up with k-lytics — will you?

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Indie Author Coat of Arms!

Now we’re legit!

Thanks to Christine Plouvier who designed it, indie authors now have their own Coat of Arms.


Here’s the link to Christine’s original post (with thanks to Chris at thestoryreadingape blog).


Tremendous Growth in the Sale of Self-pub eBooks in the UK

Did all you indies out there see this? And if you have a phobia about the number thirteen, you might be interested to note that this Guardian article appeared on Friday the 13th!

According to the latest information from Neilsen Book, sales of self-published titles in the UK increased by a massive 79% in 2013, with an estimated value of about £59 million over 18 million units sold. In spite of the book market as a whole reducing by 4% last year, the growth of the ebook market in the UK rose by 20%, around an estimated £50 million, of which around £26 million were self-pub books; Just over fifty per cent. How impressive is that?

The article also comments on which type of ebook sells best and to which age range: if your books appeal to women, either buying for themselves or for their children, you’re on to a winner!

Here’s the link if you want to read the rest:


Okay, those figures might still be only a small percentage of the overall market, but it surely shows the way things are going.  I, for one, take enormous encouragement from this data and have no desire to scurry back to traditional publishing any time soon.

How about you?

And for those of you concerned that library loans of your books won’t translate into sales, here’s another article that should help to lessen that anxiety:



And, if you’re eligible for Public Lending Right income, it’s looking hopeful that legislation will shortly be enacted to make PLR payable on library loans of ebooks, as the UK Government intends to seek Parliament’s approval to allow rights holders to register their works from the 1st July 2014 to allow for payment in February 2016.

Here’s the link (click on ‘Government Response’): https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/consultation-on-the-extension-of-the-public-lending-right-to-rights-of-holders-of-books-in-non-print-formats


All about the indie life v traditional publishing: See my article on the storyreadingapesblog

I wrote an article about my experiences both before and after I took up the indie author lifestyle for thestoryreadingapesblog. I enjoyed writing it and I’ve had some lovely, appreciative comments for my honesty (Rafferty’s family wouldn’t be impressed!). If you’re contemplating the indie life yourself, you could do worse than take a look. Here’s the link:



New Rafferty & Llewellyn ebook: DEATH DUES #11 in the series

Just published!

Latest Rafferty & Llewellyn ebook. £0.77 / $0.99 / Euro 0.86

Bargain Price for two days only!

‘Evans writes clearly and realistically. The wry humour in the badinage between Rafferty and Llewellyn keeps the story moving.’


 GEvans_DeathDues (2)

A Rafferty & Llewellyn cozy procedural #11

With his wife-to-be’s wedding budget spiralling out of control and his superintendent demanding the swift resolution to the series of muggings of local loan sharks, DI Joe Rafferty is anticipating a long and trying week. And sure, enough, he isn’t disappointed.

 When one John ‘Jaws’ Harrison is found with his skull caved in, in an alleyway backing on to rundown Primrose Avenue while on his way to collect debt repayments from the residents, Rafferty and his intellectual partner, Sergeant Dafyd Llewellyn, imagine the case will be easily solved. Armed with a list of local debtors, they begin their investigations. But they hadn’t counted on the conspiracy of silence amongst the residents — most of whom had good reason to want Jaws dead.

 With the Super breathing down his neck and fiancée Abra sending his blood pressure to boiling point, Rafferty is forced to make some unorthodox decisions and stretch his intuitive powers to breaking point.














BLOOD ON THE BONES,#9 in the Rafferty and Llewellyn procedural series, is my latest ebook. Just uploaded to amazon. £1.92 / $2.99 or thereabouts.

If you like some humour with your murders, you’ll love this series

BLOOD ON  THE BONES Free on amazon kindle from 3 April 2013 for five days.

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/11A9KEj

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/11zXYtM

But WAIT! Because the book will be FREE for five days from 3 April 2013.

What’s the book about? I’ll tell you.

‘Clever plotting and polished prose make for a cracking good British police procedural.’ Booklist on Blood on the Bones.

Gladly-lapsed Catholic Detective Inspector Joe Rafferty wasn’t best pleased when he learned their latest case was at the local RC Convent, where a body had been discovered in a shallow grave in the grounds. The nuns’ order was an enclosed, contemplative one, and access to their house and grounds, with its surrounding eight foot high walls, far from easy.

Rafferty was inclined to think this was an inside job. Prejudiced by his rigid schooling, he didn’t find it as hard as his DS, Dafyd Llewellyn, to believe that nuns were capable of murder. But then, events meant that the suspects stretched to include the nuns’ doctor and the priest – who turned out to be none other than Father Roberto Kelly, ‘the greatest sinner in the parish’.

It was, for Rafferty, a difficult case from the start, not helped by the fact that he had received a blackmail letter that very morning. Convinced that one of the nuns had killed the man, Rafferty’s question: ‘Why?’, required him to dig deep into the past and to the mores of an earlier generation.

‘As always with a Rafferty/Llewellyn story, Geraldine Evans keeps you guessing and provides a pleasing vein of humour throughout. This is a well-plotted tale with an unusual theme. Clever and unexpected twists make the story a delight and, as always, the ending remains a surprise until the very last page.’ Mystery Women (now Mystery People)

For lovers of cozy mysteries and procedurals.


Dead Before Morning #1

Down Among the Dead Men #2

Death Line #3

The Hanging Tree #4

Absolute Poison #5


Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/WZLlEf

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/XquWby

Amazon CAN: http://amzn.to/Wmnqkt

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/11Bm8UV

Kobo: http://bit.ly/QjxaYO

Diesel: http://bit.ly/Z5lJbQ


Bad Blood #7

Love Lies Bleeding #8

Deadly Reunion #14

Kith and Kill #15


Reluctant Queen: Tudor Historical Novel

;About the defiant little sister of infamous English king, Henry VIII

The Egg Factory: Contemporary Suspense

A New Millennium suspense novel set in the infertility industry. The Egg Factory shows what happens when desperation turns deadly…


 A Thrust to the Vitals #10 Available as an ebook end-April 2013

Death Dues #11 Available as an ebook first half of 2013

All the Lonely People #12 eRights held by Severn House Publishers

Currently available in print only

Death Dance #13 eRights held by Severn House Publishers

Currently available in print only


Up in Flames#1. Available as an ebook second half of 2013

A Killing Karma #2 Available as an ebook second half of 2013



I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Thoroughly recommend.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It gets off to a fast pace. The characters are engaging and believeable. It is cleverly-plotted and thoroughly recommended. Well done, Debbi Mack. A fine novel.

I understand the cover art is still undecided.


I’ve been umm-ing and ah-ing about going totally indie for some time. But then when my publisher made it clear that they not only wanted the ebook rights to my just finished book but also to all of eight plus books that form my backlist with them, I rebelled.
I’ve always earned a subsistance income from my print books, but epublishing my early Rafferty and Llewellyn mystery novels convinced me that that didn’t have to be the case with ebooks. So, when it at last looked like I was going to start earning a living that took me up from poverty level, why should I willingly agree to sink back down?
Admittedly, it was a long, hard think. I’d been with my publisher the best part of ten years and they’d published twelve of my mystery novels. But seeing as they were intransigent and resistant to any attempts to negotiate on royalty percentages or price or frequency of payment, I also dug my heels in. Why, I asked myself, would I accept a 25% royalty rate when I could get 70% with amazon? Why would I accept twice-yearly royalty payments when amazon pays every month? And why would I be happy with books priced at $9.99 or above and which are unlikely to sell when I know from my own experience of publishing the earlier Rafferty books which were published by a different publisher, that a lower price equalled higher sales?
It was all a no-brainer. Yes, I felt a little disloyal. But weighed against that was how foolish I would feel accepting such a poor offer.
We’ve all read J A Konrath (A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing (see top of Blogroll to right). We’ve all learned a lot from his experiences and experiments in the ebook world and from those of his writing friends. JA, I’m grateful to you for all you’ve taught me. I’m not about to spurn all your hard-won knowledge.
So, as I said, I’m now officially an independent. Feel  free to support a poor author. Here are my amazon pages
Hats off to J A and hurrah for Indies everywhere. Long may we flourish. Monthly ebook sales now at over 700 and rising…
Hey, if it carries on like this, I might actually start to make a living.