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BOOK REVIEW: The Enemy We Know by Donna White Glaser

I’ve just finished this book. It’s my first by this author and I really enjoyed it. Might I suggest you give it a try?

Counsellor Letty Whittaker thinks it’s just a normal day at the office, until Carrie’s abusive partner Wayne shows up. With a hunting knife.  After threatening Letty, he makes his escape when the police turn up.

Then the frightening messages start – Shakespearean sonnets about love and lust. Letty realises Wayne is rapidly turning into a stalker.

Then Wayne is murdered, but the strange happenings that Letty had been experiencing continue. Then she realises that the police regard her as a suspect in Wayne’s murder. The Shakespearean sonnets she has been receiving continue to appear, threatening in their lustful longing. And all the while she is battling with alcoholism.

Next, Robert, the boyfriend she just broke up with is murdered. Already keen on tracking the murderer to clear her name, her quest becomes even more important. She suspects everyone, even Marshall, her boss and the man who makes her knees go weak.Butr it is the third murderous attack that is the most surprising and revealing of all.

I chuckled so many times with this book. Donna White Glaser is a very witty writer. But she can also do serious. And poetical. A very talented lady. I can’t recommend her book highly enough. I’ll be looking for more books by this author.


  1. Geraldine Evans

    BTW Donna, Thanks for the compliment on my book covers. I'll pass it on to my illustrator. He'll be chuffed!

  2. Geraldine Evans

    Anon, Thank you!Glad you've found my words helpful.Donna – Sorry I moderate the posts because I get a lot of spam.So glad you liked my review. I really enjoyed your book and hope my review does its bit to increase sales.Best.G

  3. Donna White Glaser

    Goodness, Blogger doesn't seem to want to post my thank you's! I hope this one comes through! I can't thank you enough, Geraldine, for your kind words about Enemy! The writers' community is filled with wonderfully supportive peers, but you are right at the top! I love your book covers by the way. Deadly Reunion is deliciously spooky!Many, many thanks,Donna

  4. Donna White Glaser

    Geraldine,I can't thank you enough for all of your wonderful comments about Enemy! The writer community support is truly spectacular and you are a shining example. Love your book covers, BTW. Very striking.Many thanks!Donna

  5. Anonymous

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  6. Geraldine Evans

    Anon, Glad you liked it. And thanks for the 'cool' comment. Rock on!

  7. Anonymous

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  8. Geraldine Evans

    Thanks, Michelle. Yes, I enjoyed it. I think, if you like a fun read with some great one-liners, you'll enjoy this, too.

  9. Michelle Daly

    Great review, Geraldine! I'll certainly check out that book.

  10. Geraldine Evans

    Thank you, Zojirushi. Glad you liked it.

  11. Anonymous

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