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Amazon? Well done!

21 / 100 SEO Score

In my last post I complained about Amazon, and my inability to get into my KDP account.



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I’m relieved to say that after being contacted by an Amazon rep, I can get into my account again. Lots of checks on my ID, but you expect that in these days of thieves and fraudsters seemingly everywhere you turn.



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I can now post ads, alter my pricing, and everything else I was unable to do before. Happy bunny.

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Geraldine Evans


Well done, Amazon!


  1. John Bainbridge

    Pleased to hear this. A worry to all of us, JB

    • geraldine

      Yes, they really came up trumps this time. Perhaps it was the reminder that I spend an awful lot of money on their site! But thanks for your support, John. The Indie world is such a caring, friendly one, that it makes the many challenges somehow easier. Cheers. 🙂

      • John Bainbridge

        Pleased it worked out, regards JB

        • geraldine

          And Me, John! All the best. G

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