Geraldine Evans's Books 99c / 99p for the first FOUR novels in my Rafferty and Llewellyn mystery series! 2020 September 28


A great combination of police work and personal lives. Can’t wait to read more!’ Reviewer

I’m doing my first Bookbub advert from 7th October to 9th October for one of my box sets.

Here are the links:

If the book’s not showing the bargain price, just wait a bit. Arithmetic is not my strong suit, and working out the various time zones has me going doolally! Australia, Canada, Europe, India, well, everywhere that I can select on my dashboard, will also be included in this promo. As if I’d leave you out. 🙂 It’s just that I’m saving my pennies on the advert, so you won’t get my actual Bookbub ad in your inbox (even if you’re signed up with them). But you get my email, so you won’t miss out.

I know. I’m mad. But hey, only a totally insane person would be in this crazy business. I’m hoping that the number of downloads will be sufficient compensation, and introduce a lot more readers to my series. Here’s hoping . . .

Please accept my apologies if you have already bought it; it’s tricky doing promos for new sign-ups and those who have been longer on the list.

I would be very grateful if you’ll share this post with any of your friends who you think might enjoy my Rafferty books.The more the merrier! That way I have more chance of actually making a profit (something fervently to be hoped for!).

By the way, many many thanks to everyone who has left a review, whether good or ‘Oh dear!’, on this or any of my other books. It’s lovely of you, and they all help to raise my profile. I know it can be a pain when Amazon keeps reminding you! I get their emails, too. I try to write a review, where I enjoyed a book, or bought something else that I thought good quality. I don’t review where my review would be lower than three stars; I can’t quite bring myself to ruin anyone’s day. I’ve never even sent anything back, and I must be one of Amazon’s best customers. Told you I was mad. But good, bad or indifferent, reviews all help keep the Amazon/Evans show on the road. So keep them coming!