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I’m overhauling my website

Told you I was no geek! I’ve only been blogging since 2010–slow learner, or what?! Just the other day, I finally learned the difference between Posts and Pages.

Pages are used for items that have a long life.

Such as Resources for Authors. I’ve only been adding to this fairly recently, and I only used Pages for the Titles, such as the Resources Page. Everything else I used Posts for. Big no-no, apparently. You should use Pages for all the articles you store under Resources and your other Headings (apart from Blog).

Posts Have a Short Shelf-Life

They are used for things like date-sensitive items. Say if you’re having a promotion between certain dates. After the last day of the sale, it’s of no further interest to readers.

Turning Posts into Pages

Use Vice-Versa Plugin. There are hundreds of Posts to change to Pages. This plugin will make the chore far simpler.

Bear with Me

I hope you’ll bear with me. Even with Vice-Versa it’s going to take a while… Life used to be so much simpler. Who decreed that we’re all to turn into geeks? Or pseudo-geeks, in my case!

Why Everything has to be so d*** complicated

I never saw anything from WordPress warning me of this. As I said, I’ve only been blogging for a decade! And the first I heard of it was a few days ago. And I had to go on Youtube to find it.

For the meantime, I’m leaving all my tags, etc on this Page.

As a just in case measure. I’ll change them when I’n certain whether I’m on my Blog. That, I do know, you have to use Posts every time (apart from the heading). And I’m on a Page at the moment. But I’ll stick this under the Resources for Authors Page. Then everyone else who’s not a Geek can access it. And learn the difference between Posts and Pages. And what a congenital idiot I am!

In my Defence

Though, in my defence, who the hell has the time to study WordPress, as well as Photoshop, SEO, CSS, and a whole host of other initials? There is no time. I haven’t looked at my so-called work-in-progress for weeks (months?). Supposed to be an author? Fat chance.

One Thing at a Time

Sometimes I’m dealing with half-a-dozen things at once. I start on one thing, like this WordPress post. And then something else pops up, so I leave my post and start working on that. But before I’ve tackled that, yet another thing pops up. And so it goes on. By the end, I’ve forgotten what the hell I was doing in the first place! Better to stick with doing one thing at a time.

I’m only an Author

But I seem to be turning into a WordPress slave. All I really wanted was a place to display my novels and other books. But I got swept into this blogging frenzy, where if you don’t blog, you get left behind. God help me. And if He won’t, I guess it’ll be the Samaritans…

Someone Save Me from this Madness

I just want to get back to writing books. That’s all. Is it so much to ask?