‘Twas the night before Christmas…’

ALT: Merry Christmas



Well, all right, make a liar of me. It was actually the 16 December. On my way to post my Christmas parcels.

I was on my buggy/mobility scooter. Admittedly, overloaded with parcels. (You’ll have to imagine the parcels).


ALT: noscript Woman on buggy


A bag was just about to slip off the handle. So I grabbed it. As you do.

Big mistake. ‘Cos I forgot to take my hand off the controller. Catastrophe!


ALT: noscript Horrified woman


My buggy went up the slope on the corner. And promptly overturned. Wallop!


ALT: noscript Emergency Ambulance



Result–one broken hip. Carted off to hospital for a month.


Got home last Friday.

Happy New Year!