Kobo Summer Romance Sale-is just the thing to help your holiday go with a swing!

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I’ve got a romantic novel on offer for 99p / 99c.  It’s called


kobo summer romance sale

A Gentle, Cornish Romance
After breaking off an abusive relationship with her fiancé, Tessa Morgan hoped for a fresh start in Cornwall: a new job, a new home, a new place.
Second chances. Couldn’t she do with some of those?
But she hadn’t even arrived when things started to go wrong: her ancient Mini had an accident with a motorbike; then it ran out of water.
The man who she’d knocked off his bike clearly thought her unsafe to be on the road and told her so. Tessa gave as good as she got. And then she was forced to accept a lift on the back of his bike to the nearest garage, as the cliff-top road was lonely and empty of traffic. She certainly didn’t want to be stranded there for hours.
Feeling humiliated when they arrived at the garage and her reluctant Sir Galahad roared off without a backward glance, she wondered what else could go wrong.
She didn’t have to wait long to find out…

Kobo Summer Romance Sale

Under her Geraldine Evans name, the author also writes mysteries.