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Enter to Win 55 Cozy Mystery Books plus Kindle Fire!

Guess who’s participating in this promo from BookSweeps? (Me!) Enter to win more than 55 Cozy Mysteries, including books from authors like ANNE R TAN, NIKKI HAVERSTOCK, N GEMINI SASSON, CINDY BELL, CHRISTY MURPHY and DAVID BISHOP. This giveaway from BookSweeps ends tonight! If you haven’t already entered, don’t miss your chance to win more than 55 Cozy Mysteries, plus a Kindle Fire. Enjoy. And Good luck!

When you’re done, tell me which books you’re most excited to win!

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  1. Books are mind candy. Cannot live without them. Escape to anywhere anytime.They can go with you everywhere.Write on.

    • Sandra, that’s very true. I couldn’t live without reading and writing, that’s for sure. And in these days of the kindle, they don’t even weigh you down when you go on holiday. Before the kindle it was a terrible dilemma: more books? Or more clothes? Guess which won?!

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