APPLE – Hurrah! Managed to upload my box sets :)

Finally! I've done it. My two Rafferty & Llewellyn Box Sets are available on Apple. Phew! 'Contagious Detective Duo.' I swear I was cursed with Apple. Whatever I did, there was something wrong with every book I tried to upload. Metadata - wrong. Cover - wrong. Don't mention the other big 'A' - wrong. In … Continue reading APPLE – Hurrah! Managed to upload my box sets 🙂

News and Offers

Hi All, Just a quickie, to let you know that Renee Pawlish is having another promotion  of Mysteries/Thrillers. Every book is on offer at 99c / 99p, including my second Rafferty & Llewellyn, Down Among the Dead Men. Just click the link! If nothing takes your fancy, perhaps you'd pass it over to a friend. … Continue reading News and Offers


Why? Because I've had so much trouble over a two-year period from my self-hosted site.