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Month: January 2015

How to Launch Your New Book: Everything I Know

Hopeless at promoting your books? Me too. But, if we all buck our ideas up and PAY ATTENTION to Luther’s extremely helpful advice and launch timelines, we could all benefit hugely.


economyedits accepting bookings from july 11

Looking for an editor who works for rates you can afford?

Why not give David Burton a try? I’ve booked him for my next ms edit in April. He’s a very nice man to work with.

My #Book #Marketing Secret by #Indie #Author Nicholas Rossis

Remember that friend you decided not to keep in touch with any more? The one who was selfish, thoughtless and up their own arse? Remember that person when you write your next blog post and do your best not to copy their example. With thanks to Nicholas Rossis and Chris, thestoryreading ape for the advice.

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