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Guest post: Tag or No Tag? Showing Not Telling by crime writer and reviewer Graham Smith

Interesting  guest post by crime author/reviewer Graham Smith on Morgan Bailey’s blog.

I confess I have to plead guilty to this writing crime. I don’t think I’ve ever had a character ‘expostulate’, but I may have sinned in the ‘retorted angrily’ division! Does it excuse me that my main character is London/Irish with a tendency to over-the-topness? No. I didn’t think so. 🙁

How about you? Have you committed this particular authorly faux pas? Or is your writing subject to some other error? Let me know! Perhaps we can help one another.

Guest post: Tag or No Tag? Showing Not Telling by crime writer and reviewer Graham Smith.

14 thoughts on “Guest post: Tag or No Tag? Showing Not Telling by crime writer and reviewer Graham Smith

  1. Thank you very much, Geraldine, for including and commenting on Graham’s post. He’s a great (regular) guest. I’ve forwarded on this link.

    If you (and your writer visitors) would like to take part in anything (I also do spotlights, interviews etc), feel free to look at the guidelines on

    1. PS. I’m also a freelance editor for authors of various genres, and it often surprises them what I point out (in my ‘firm but fair’ way). As a writer myself, I hire an editor because I’m (we’re) too close to my (our) writing to miss seemingly simple and / or repetitive errors. I am sure whatever your editor points out will help your writing going forward – that’s what my clients have told me. 🙂

      (with an e)

      1. I should have thought of you Morgen. But I’ve signed up with an editor called Victoria Mixon now. She seems a nice lady, someone I can work with and I don’t want to start changing horses in mid-stream. But if, for any reason, Victoria doesn’t work out…

      2. Sorry, Geraldine. My comment was supposed to just be that, of the value of an editor, not a tout to you of my services. I don’t know Victoria but I’m sure she will do a grand job.

      3. Don’t worry, Morgen. I really didn’t take it that way. It’s just my sensitive Libran psyche going into overdrive…!

    2. Yes, I really must bestir myself a little now I’ve finished eformatting my latest backlist book and making sure it’s fit to go off to its editor. I will, I will. But the last few days I’ve been involved in taking up Joe Konrath’s blog challenge to write a short story using a union of his characters and mine. Pretty demanding when your grasp of Americanisms is sketchy at best! Anyway, I’ve finished a first draft. Who knows? Joe might select my story to polish up for his rich universe. I decided to set the story in England and put a joking teaser in my comment on his blog aimed at Mrs Joe with reference to foreign travel and shopping sprees, so who knows? 🙂

      1. Ah yes. The scales, my uncle was a Libran.

      2. So was Margaret Thatcher! Strange to think I share a star sign with such a formidable woman. Indecisive Libran? Don’t think so in her case. 🙂

      3. Sounds intriguing. I’ve written seven and a half novels but short stories will always be my first love… good luck!

      4. I’m the opposite. It was always novels for me. But I’m trying to extend my reach and tackle different things. I’ve even written a spoof Relationship Counselling guide for the Lovelorn. That was another of Joe Konrath’s challenges (Write a book in eight hours, doing your own formatting, editing and book cover). I wrote it under the pseudonym of Professor I M Osolohmio! It was fun. I’ve even sold a few. Had to laugh.

      5. Congratulations on the sales. That’s the hardest part, I find.

      6. Yes. But thankfully they seem to be coming thicker since I turned indie. Don’t know what I’d have done if they hadn’t.

    1. Thanks, Morgen. Appreciated. 🙂

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