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Month: September 2013


This is my latest ebook, written under the pseudonym of Gennifer Dooley Hart.

I’ve long had an interest in palmistry. This is a short (20 pages with diagrams) guide from an article I had published some time ago.


Use the Centuries-Old Art of Palmistry to Learn More About Your New Romantic Interest…Or Even Your Old One.

Planning to live with someone or make the deeper commitment of marriage with all its legal entanglements? Then gaining deeper insights into your partner’s warts and all traits would be time well-spent.


In these days of high divorce rates, don’t you think it’s worthwhile to discover all you can about the person who might be ‘The One’? Or even to delve deeper into the less attractive personality traits of the person with whom you intend to spend the rest of your life

Don’t you owe it to yourself and any future children to choose as wisely as possible? With palmistry, it’s impossible for those less desirable attributes to stay hidden from you behind surface charm or sweet nothings – everything is there for you to discover.

So why not learn what your partner’s hands reveal about them? You might save yourself — and any future offspring — a lot of heartache.

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Top 5 Panel-Van-Creepy Social Media Tactics

Read Kristen Lamb’s blog post on what NOT to do on social media.

AUTHORS: This means YOU! And yes, I confess I’ve been guilty of one or two of them. But, no more. Do unto others how you would be done unto and all that.

Top 5 Panel-Van-Creepy Social Media Tactics.


Extremely informative survey of readers’ likes/dislikes, where they buy, why they buy, the works! It’s all there. Tremendously helpful resource for writers. Take a look. What do you think? And does its conclusions agree with your own thoughts/suspicions?

I must admit it was a revelation that Twitter is not much used by readers to find authors of interest. Facebook is king, followed by authors’ own websites. And Pinterest doesn’t seem to figure much at all.

Chance to Try Out For Collaboration with Joe Konrath!

I just sent off a 7,500 word short story to best selling American crime author, Joe Konrath. He put out an invitation on his blog for other crime writers to write a story using both sets of characters (his and mine). If his wife (who’s acting as judge and jury) likes a story, any author who gets through this judging process will be invited to collaborate with Joe on a novel-length work that also utilises the two sets of characters.

Worth a shot, I thought. Would hugely increase my profile if I’m accepted.

But I’m not getting my hopes up as his universe is based in Chicago and I set my story in England (I thought it would be a challenge too far to try to come up with a good story, get used to American characters, their idiosyncrasies and idioms and try to get my head round an entirely new and unknown location).

Though in my accompanying email I have said that I’m sure Rafferty’s boss, Superintendent Bradley, would be only too keen to get shot of him on secondment to the States for the duration, taking Llewellyn with him! Anyway, I’ll let you know how it goes. Keep your fingers crossed.


Stop Author Abuse!

Hear! Hear! Glad to read they’re taking a stand over at the bookchick blog. Good for them. If you’re an author who’s ever been unfairly abused/reviewed, you should read this post.

Stop Author Abuse!.

Review: Social Insecurity by Kate Eileen Shannon

If you enjoy cozies, then this one should hit the spot!

I found it thoroughly entertaining and will look out for more by this author.

Review: Social Insecurity by Kate Eileen Shannon.

Guest post: Tag or No Tag? Showing Not Telling by crime writer and reviewer Graham Smith

Interesting  guest post by crime author/reviewer Graham Smith on Morgan Bailey’s blog.

I confess I have to plead guilty to this writing crime. I don’t think I’ve ever had a character ‘expostulate’, but I may have sinned in the ‘retorted angrily’ division! Does it excuse me that my main character is London/Irish with a tendency to over-the-topness? No. I didn’t think so. 🙁

How about you? Have you committed this particular authorly faux pas? Or is your writing subject to some other error? Let me know! Perhaps we can help one another.

Guest post: Tag or No Tag? Showing Not Telling by crime writer and reviewer Graham Smith.

In the Age of Lightning Speed, How Can Writers Keep Up?

Virtual conference? Great idea! See the link with Kristen Lamb’s blog to learn more. Cost? $119 /£76.

In the Age of Lightning Speed, How Can Writers Keep Up?.

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