I’ve now uploaded my latest ebook. Up in Flames is the first book in my Casey and Catt procedural series. You’ll find links and the blurb below.

This book will be going free for five days on 23 April 2013. I will post again by that date so you don’t miss the freebie!


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’’Well researched. Intriguing plot. Good pace. Excellent characterisation and wry humour make this a very enjoyable read. Highly recommended.’ Mystery Women

For lovers of cozy mysteries and procedurals

If you enjoy some humour with your murders, you’ll likely love this British detective series.


When Chandra Bansi and her baby, Leela, are burned to death, DCI ‘Will’ Casey and his less than politically correct sergeant, Thomas Catt, rapidly come under pressure from their superintendent to put a couple of skinhead thugs behind bars for arson.

Superintendent Brown-Smith, acutely aware, after the fiasco over the murder of black teenager, Stephen Lawrence, that he is in the hot seat, is desperate for a speedy and politically-satisfactory solution to the case. Worried that his previously smooth and upward career progression will be irretrievably damaged, he places additional pressure on Casey.

But the investigation quickly unearths suspects other than the skinheads, suspects unlikely to endear him to his superiors or the Asian community.

The resolution of the most difficult case of his career is not eased by the arrival of his impecunious hippie parents. Urgently in need of a temporary home, they selfishly concluded that decamping to Casey’s peaceful haven will provide the solution to their current difficulties.

But their raucous, undisciplined lifestyle causes Casey sleepless nights at a time he most needs calm. Bedevilled at home by his irresponsible parents, bedevilled at work by accusations of discrimination from the usual quarters, Casey and ThomCatt must wend a circuitous path through all the additional problems the investigation throws up.

For instance, just how respectable is Chandra’s businessman father? And what about her in-laws, who seem to have blamed their westernised daughter-in-law for the death of their only son? Other members of the victim’s family also come under suspicion. Casey must use the utmost sensitivity in his handling of the case if he is not to cause unrest in the Asian community.

And, at the heart of the case is the fact that Chandra, a modern young woman, had been uncomfortably caught between two cultures. It’s hard to say which of them is the more dangerous.