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Are there any authors out there still hesitating to take the self-publishing route? You take some convincing, don’t you? There’s Amanda Hocking, JA Konrath, L J Sellers, John Lock and countless others, earning excellent money and making tremendous sales and still you’re not taking the same path. There’s even ME!
I was slow to follow in their footsteps only because I’d never heard of kindle until the summer of 2010. But once I knew of it it didn’t take long – only until September – for me to follow in the footsteps of the intrepid advance guard.
Well, my early sales weren’t great. Seven actually in that first month. But I persevered. I put more titles up. I currently have five with more in the burner waiting to go. I’ve got two – Absolute Poison and Kith and Kill in the process of being eformatted and having covers made for them. I have a third – Dying For You – which is ready to send off for eformatting.
Do you think I’d carry on with the labour involved if it wasn’t worth my while? This is how much worth my while it is. In June 2011 I earned a thousand pounds. That around fifteen hundred US Dollars. This is so much better than I ever earned with my traditional or legacy publisher that it’s like two different worlds. If you’re still hesitating, I hope that figure will convince you to go forth and increase your earnings and your audience. You know it makes sense. Or you  should.



  1. Thanks for this very interesting and honest post Geraldine. I think self-publishing is often shrouded in secrecy about money and numbers, so it's refreshing that you've been as candid. I'm very pleased it's going so well for you….and I believe I hold the title of being your very first purchaser/reviewer on Kindle/Amazon, lol!I'm certainly going to seriously look into it, but I haven't got the benefit of a considerable back-catalogue like you. Good luck with your ongoing project! X

  2. Thanks, Kim. I do hope you decide to take the kindle route. You may not have my back-list, but I'm sure within a few years you'll build up a credible list. Good luck!

  3. Earlier I thought differently, many thanks for the information.|

  4. You're welcome, Anon. Glad to have helped.

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