It’s happened! DeadBbefore Morning has come in at Number 10 on Amazon Kindle UK Police Procedurals Bestsellers!

In fact, all four of the books I have up on kindle are in the Top 100 and come in at Numbers 38 (Down Among the Dead Men), Number 51 (The Hanging Tree) and Number 68 (Death Line), respectively.

Rreason to celelbrate!

I have also discovered the secret to getting your books to show up in their correct listing. I assumed before, that books automatically showed up in order of highest sales. Not that simple. You have to click on kindle Store (lefthanfdside, directly under Shop all Departments), then Kindle Bestsellers (lhs down a bit, under Special Features) for them to show up that way. Otherwise they just seem to show up in any order at all. Which explains why amazon had me scratching my head about my listings.

I mean, I know that Dead Before Morning is my bestseller. What I didn’t understand was why it didn’t always get listed that way. Now I know why. I wasn’t inputting the information required to get the correct answers out. Duh!

Here it is!

Looking good!