DEAD BEFORE MORNING is today number 23 in the Police Procedural (Top 100 Paid) Bestsellers on kindle UK. I’m above Donna Leon’s Acqua Alta (24), Laura Lippman’s to the Power of Three (29) and Karin Slaughter’s Blindsighted (30)!

The book is also in the Top 100 under Crime – Thrillers and Mysteries – Police Procedurals at No. 33 and No 56 under Books – Fiction – Humour.

And it’s not even only priced at 70p. It’s currently selling for £1.79. Though I priced it at £2.12, amazon alters the price depending on what it’s selling for on other devices.

Under all categories, it’s at No 1,968 – not bad when you consider the number of books up for sale on amazon. It’s quite made my weekend!