Coming Soon! The authors of 1/1: JIHAD – BRITAIN

 Early in December I will be interviewing co-authors Jack Everett and David Coles about their political thriller 1/1: Jihad – Britain.

Versatile writers, together they have tried their hands at young adult fantasy, adult fantasy, science fiction, historicals and thrillers.

I am very much looking forward to interviewing them and learning more about both them and their work.

Until December…

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon! The authors of 1/1: JIHAD – BRITAIN

  1. HiJust loved the interview with Dave and Jack. I have read some of their earlier works and wondered how they managed to write novels together and still stay on speaking terms!If 1/1: Jihad Britain is written with the passion and attention to detail of their other works, it should be a cracker.Thanks Geradine, love it.

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