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No 17 of my Rafferty & Llewellyn detective series

New Custom Cover for Dead Before Morning. What do you think?

Just received the final version of the custom cover from the very talented Nicole of for this book, the 1st in my 15-book Rafferty & Llewellyn British Detective Series.

I love it! Nicole sent me three different designs to choose from, with different colours and fonts. It was a difficult decision to make a choice as I liked all of them. But I liked the simplicity of this one.



I decided to swap some of Rafferty’s breakfast egg for the tie pin as, although, with his garish ties, he thinks he’s the bee’s knees of style, in reality he’s a bit of a slob, with down-at-heel and usually unpolished shoes, so the breakfast egg adorning his tie was only too likely. Of course, because I hadn’t thought much about covers when I originally wrote this book, it means I have to go back in the book and insert the egg splodge, but it’s a small enough alteration to have it in keeping with my new cover.

Nicole was a delight to work with and I’m more than happy to highly recommend her services.

What do you thinek of it?







Here’s the previous (actually still current until I alter the text) cover.









4 Responses to New Custom Cover for Dead Before Morning. What do you think?

  • David Coles says:

    Yes, I like the crispness of the image and yes, the splodge of egg is brilliant, especially since you can edit your test to include it. Is re-branding all your books in this way a possibility?

    • admin says:

      Thanks, David. Yes, I’m having custom covers done for the entire series (apart from #14 Deadly Reunion, unless I can persuade my ex-publishers to release the rights). I could never find a pre-made that was really right for the series. I’ve wanted custom covers for a long time for this reason, but the cost of branding a 15-book series was a major financial commitment; it took a while for me to eject the Scrooge mentality and go for it!

  • Edna Jones says:

    Hi Geraldine

    Yes, I think this new cover is eye-catching and it would certainly draw my attention to the book and its title and then on to opening the book. So good for you…

    • admin says:

      Hi Edna, I’m sorry, but with stroke I haven’t looked my website at all, so I’ve just seen your comment. Yes, it’s great, isn’t it. I love it!

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