Geraldine Evans is the author of the 17-strong Rafferty and Llewellyn and the 2-strong Casey and Catt procedural series. In order of publication, they are: Dead Before Morning #1, Down Among the Dead Men #2, Death Line #3, The Hanging Tree #4, Absolute Poison #5, Dying For You #6, Bad Blood #7, Love Lies Bleeding #8, Blood on the Bones #9 A Thrust to the Vitals #10, Death Dues #11, All the Lonely People #12, Death Dance #13, Deadly Reunion #14, Kith & Kill #15, Asking For It #16 and The Spanish Connection #17. Currently she’s working on #18, Games of Bones..

She has just released the digital edition of The Spanish Connection #17 Rafferty & Llewellyn British Detective Series.

In addition, she has published the following:

Standalone Novels

Reluctant Queen: Biographical Historical Novel about Henry VIII’s little sister

The Egg Factory: A Medical Suspense/Thriller

Land of Dreams: Romance

The Wishing Fountain: Romance)

Strangers on the shore: Romance)

Short Stories

A Mix of Six: Six Short-Shorts

Pond life: A Rafferty & Llewellyn Short Story

The Office Thief: A Rafferty & Llewellyn Short Story


How to eFormat Your Novel for Amazon’s Kindle

How NOT to Pick a Loser: Dating Advice for the Second Time Around (New Age) under her Gennifer Dooley-Hart name).

WRITING WOES: How to Avoid them and Get it RIGHT Next Time! (Palmistry For Writers under Gennifer Dooley-Hart name).


Geraldine Evans is a trad-turned indie author of eighteen traditionally-published novels, whose previous publishers include Hale, Macmillan, St Martin’s Press, Worldwide (pb), Isis (audio) and Ulverscroft (lp).

Oiginally a Londoner, she moved to Norfolk in the UK with George, her late husband, in 2000.

She has been writing since her twenties and has been plucked from slush piles twice (Hale and Macmillan).

She chose the indie path in 2010, having rejected her last publisher’s latest contract.

Geraldine enjoys painting unflattering portraits in oils, learning keyboards and annoying the neighbours, trying to grasp photo-manipulation software, and getting God-like in the greenhouse.

Geraldine Evans is available for interview. She can, if required, supply interview questions.

CONTACT DETAILS: Just click on the ‘Contact Me’ button at the top of this website.