The Spanish Connection

No 17 of my Rafferty & Llewellyn detective series

Get A Clue: Writing Detective Fiction

If it’s your ambition to write detective fiction, you should read this; it’s full of useful tips, with the added bonus of a few words from me in the comments!

Get A Clue: Writing Detective Fiction.

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The Author
Geraldine Evans is a British writer of police procedurals that contain a lot of humour and family drama Her15-strong Rafferty & Llewellyn series features DI Joe Rafferty, a London-Irish, working-class, lapsed Catholic, who comes from a family who think - if he must be a policeman - he might at least have the decency to be a bent one. Her 2-strong Casey & Catt series features DCI 'Will' Casey, a serious-minded, responsible policeman, whose 'the Sixties never died', irresponsible, drug-taking, hippie parents, pose particular problems of the embarrassing kind.
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