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FREE! DEAD BEFORE MORNING #1 in my 15-strong Rafferty and Llewellyn series

Just to let you know that DEAD BEFORE MORNING, the first in my 15-strong Rafferty & Llewellyn police procedural series, is now FREE! (only in the UK so far; I hope to persuade Amazon to price-match in other countries also, but no luck so far).

#1 in series

#1 in series

I expect to keep it free for the foreseeable future so you can have an introduction to my work. I f you like British procedural series that have a quirky take on family life and police work it could be worth your while to download it.

Brit DI Joe Rafferty, working-class lapsed Catholic, is cursed by coming from a family who think — if he must be a copper — he might at least have the decency to be a bent one.

FREE #1 in series:


And, if you like Tudor Biographical Historical Fiction, don’t forget that Reluctant Queen: The story of Mary Rose Tudor, the Defiant Little Sister of Infamous English king, Henry VIII, is a Goodreads Giveaway until 30 April 2014, with the chance to win one of ten copies of the pb edition.

‘A very readable account of a fascinating woman who dared to stand up to Henry VIII and survived. It is thoroughly researched, admirably written and the author’s love of the Tudor period shines through.’


Here’s the link to the Goodreads Giveaway page for the book:

I’ve just returned from a week’s holiday in Venice. Beautiful place, but oh, those endless steps over the canals! My weary, couch potato legs proved unable for the challenge (an inability not improved when I decided to put myself on a starvation diet for the duration after checking out the restaurant prices). I had to keep taking a rest on the bottom steps and hope some great, gallumphing, fellow tourist didn’t stand on me!


It’s happened! DeadBbefore Morning has come in at Number 10 on Amazon Kindle UK Police Procedurals Bestsellers!

In fact, all four of the books I have up on kindle are in the Top 100 and come in at Numbers 38 (Down Among the Dead Men), Number 51 (The Hanging Tree) and Number 68 (Death Line), respectively.

Rreason to celelbrate!

I have also discovered the secret to getting your books to show up in their correct listing. I assumed before, that books automatically showed up in order of highest sales. Not that simple. You have to click on kindle Store (lefthanfdside, directly under Shop all Departments), then Kindle Bestsellers (lhs down a bit, under Special Features) for them to show up that way. Otherwise they just seem to show up in any order at all. Which explains why amazon had me scratching my head about my listings.

I mean, I know that Dead Before Morning is my bestseller. What I didn’t understand was why it didn’t always get listed that way. Now I know why. I wasn’t inputting the information required to get the correct answers out. Duh!

Here it is!

Looking good!


The Author

Geraldine Evans is a British writer of police procedurals that contain a lot of humour and family drama Her15-strong Rafferty & Llewellyn series features DI Joe Rafferty, a London-Irish, working-class, lapsed Catholic, who comes from a family who think - if he must be a policeman - he might at least have the decency to be a bent one. Her 2-strong Casey & Catt series features DCI 'Will' Casey, a serious-minded, responsible policeman, whose 'the Sixties never died', irresponsible, drug-taking, hippie parents, pose particular problems of the embarrassing kind.


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