Dead Before Morning #1 Rafferty & Llewellyn British Detective Series
Series: Rafferty and Llewellyn British Detective Series, Book 1
Genre: Mystery
Tag: British Detective Series
Publisher: Geraldine Evans
Publication Year: 2011
A corpse with no face, no ID, found in a place she had no business being, gives newly-promoted British Detective Joe Rafferty a major headache. And when you add the media, his mutually-loathed boss, his selectively law-abiding family, a jailed distant cousin whom his ma expects him to spring in time for his wedding and his morally stiff new partner, the headache turns into a migraine of epic proportions.
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About the Book

TRAILER: Dead Before Morning:
#1 of 15 in the Rafferty & Llewellyn British Detective Series by trad-turned-indie author
Geraldine Evans.
Tired of serial killers? Stomach turned by endless blood and gore and unspeakable happenings? Like some FUN with your mysteries?
Then meet British Detective Joe Rafferty, from a family who enjoy a little gentle law-bending and who think – if they MUST have a copper in the family – he might at least have the decency to be A BENT one!
And it’s FREE!
A Little Laughter. A Little Mayhem. A Little MURDER…
For readers who like cozy mysteries, humorous mysteries and police procedurals.
Just promoted, superstitious British Detective Joe Rafferty shouldn’t be surprised that his first murder case is a tough one. The media has seized on the case of ‘The Faceless Lady’, a woman with no ID, who has been bludgeoned beyond recognition and who supposedly had no access to the secure psychiatric facility where her body is found. Rafferty finds himself in an unwelcome spotlight and with a boss – with whom he shares a mutual loathing – who would love to see him fail.
To add to his problems, Rafferty comes from a large family who believe obeying the Law of the Land is optional, and with a ma who’s a past master at emotional blackmail. Soon, he finds himself agreeing to do whatever it takes to get his crooked distant cousin out of the pokey in time for his marriage to ma’s niece. Successfully accomplishing this tricky manoeuvre is sure to be challenging, but keeping it downwind of his morally stiff new partner might be a demand too far.
If Rafferty can’t spring his cousin in time, his ma’s liable to commit murder–his. And if the Faceless Lady case remains unsolved, the Superintendent will black-mark his record so indelibly that his career will never recover. If he still has a career left to ruin.
‘This often comic tale sharpens the appetite for more.’ PUBLISHERS WEEKLY
‘Evans’ humor seriously added to my enjoyment of her book. The series has stand out central characters and clever plots. AUNT AGATHA’S BOOKSHOP, ANN ARBOR
The first book in the quirky, not quite so Traditional British mystery
Rafferty & Llewellyn series
Dead Before Morning #1
Down Among the Dead Men #2
Death Line #3
The Hanging Tree #4
Absolute Poison #5
Dying For You #6
Bad Blood #7
Love Lies Bleeding #8
Blood on the Bones #9
A Thrust to the Vitals #10
Death Dues #11
All the Lonely People #12
Death Dance #13
Deadly Reunion #14
Kith and Kill #15
Q: What’s different about the Rafferty & Llewellyn series?
A: It’s fun! I wanted to create mysteries that have murder at their core, but at the same time have
funny sub-plots. And when you consider the large Irish-Catholic clan of law-benders that Detective Joe Rafferty comes from there’s plenty of scope. I wrote the books I wanted to read, but could rarely find.
Q: Should the books be read in any particular order?
A: No, it’s not necessary, as they’re all standalones in a series. But I think the reader would find more enjoyment reading them as they were written, as Rafferty’s life, like yours and mine, has a variety of events that impinge on his present.
Q: Why should readers give these books a try?
A: If you like a puzzle, but also like to laugh, I think you’ll enjoy the ride. They’re more
slow and easy than fast-paced. Joseph Aloysius Rafferty is Everyman, not Superman, and all too human. And if you find you enjoy reading the series as much as I enjoy writing them, you might be pleased to learn that there are 15 books in the series.
Q: Is the whole series available in digital format?
A: Yes. Why not try the first? It’s FREE! Plus there’s a bundle of the first four in the series (Dead Before Morning, Down Among the Dead Men, Death Line and The Hanging Tree) at a special discounted price by way of an introduction. Sign up for my irregular Newsletter: for all my news.
And thanks for reading!

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