A Thrust to the Vitals # 10
Series: Rafferty and Llewellyn British Detective Series, Book 10
Genre: Mystery
Tags: British Detective Series, Recommended Books
Length: Novel-Length
DI Joe Rafferty is torn between protecting his family and finding the real killer after Sir Rufus Seward's murder. With his brother, Mickey, in the frame , Rafferty must prove his brother's innocence: not easy when the case against him has three pointers to guilt —-the means, the motive and the opportunity.
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About the Book


‘Solid, straightforward detection mingled with family mayhem.’ KIRKUS REVIEWS

 ‘I had one very big problem with this book. After receiving it for review, I discovered it is tenth in a series so now, after reading it, I have to go get the first nine. Because I want to know everything about the whole Rafferty clan. The book is just the right balance of police procedural and humor. I look forward to going back to the beginning and reading this series from one end to the other.’ KATE EILEEN SHANNON, AUTHOR/BLOGGER


Returning to Elmhurst many years after his involuntary departure, to attend a civic reception in his honour, Sir Rufus Seward had ignored the maxim that ‘going back’ is not always wise. Summoned after Seward’s body is found, a wood chisel protruding from its back, Dl Joe Rafferty receives a panicky call from his younger brother, Mickey, who fears he is in the frame for Seward’s murder. Strangely, given his loathing of the dead man, Mickey had received an invitation to the reception. Keen to confront the bully who made his youth a misery, Mickey found his tormentor’s body, and fled the scene…Rafferty, aware that his brother hated Seward, and that Mickey, a carpenter by trade, has three pointers to guilt – the means, the motive and the opportunity – finds himself torn between protecting his family and finding the real killer.

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